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Six steps to increase HGV safety

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Safety should be a priority for all business owners. However, it takes on an even greater significance when working in high-risk environments. For haulage or

The five cascading benefits to creating a c...

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Now more than ever, safety has become a top priority for many fleets. In addition to protecting drivers and the public, companies are realising that

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Driving 5 hours or more non-stop abroad ris...

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More than a quarter of drivers (27%) who have taken their own cars abroad to continental Europe have driven non-stop for five or more hours,

How can HGV drivers beat the heat and keep ...

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Following record temperatures seen in July, it’s possible there is another heatwave on the horizon. Whilst it may not reach the heights of 40 degrees,

Be Seen Screen on car

Breakdown warning triangles neither ‘...

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Alternative high visibility options are “urgently needed” to warn other road users of broken down vehicles and prevent serious collisions. That’s according to the entrepreneur

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Teletrac Navman partners with Driving for B...

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Global market leader in telematics technology Teletrac Navman has joined forces with Driving for Better Business – a government-backed National Highways scheme to improve awareness

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Extreme hot weather alert – travel advice...

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With temperatures likely to exceed 35°C early this week, the AA is advising drivers to avoid the hottest part of the day and to be

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Essential items to always keep in your HGV ...

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HGV drivers are in high demand in the UK at the moment, following the shortages that resulted in part from the UK’s departure from the EU. Driving

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Volvo Trucks launches new features to suppo...

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Volvo Trucks is introducing a range of new features that improves safety and driveability, supporting precision handling in tight areas and on bumpy or slippery

HGV accidents

Three tips to avoid the most common HGV acc...

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Driving a heavy goods vehicle (HGV) is an important responsibility. If an HGV gets into an accident, the weight and power of the vehicle involved