Driver Safety

Jodi Smith in front of her truck

Are women the future of trucking?

Oct 15, 2021No Comments

Jodi Smith is a Class 2 truck driver for JMS Powered Access. She has been driving trucks since 2016 and is an advocate for female

Lorry driving at night

It’s time to start looking after HGV driv...

Sep 30, 20211 Comment

Throughout 2021 the shortage of HGV drivers and its significant impact on society has made headlines from the sublime to the ridiculous. Whether the panic

Squinting driver

Number plate test: an easy way to regularly...

Sep 27, 2021No Comments

Fewer than 50% of motorists are aware that they must be able to read a number plate from 20 metres away, new research from the

drivers' hours

Unite warns ‘illegal’ fresh ext...

Sep 21, 2021Comments off

Unite, the UK’s leading union, has warned that the government’s plans to continue to relax the maximum driving timing for lorry drivers, is dangerous, reckless

Nexar unveils new ‘plug and play’ dashc...

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A new ‘plug and play’ compact dashcam has been launched by Nexar, with a 32GB SD card and free unlimited cloud storage. Nexar said its

Help drivers return to the road safely

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Reduced confidence and lack of engagement are among the driver issues fleets need to watch out for as they return to the road with the


Why communication is at the heart of achiev...

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Over the years, there has been a gradual shift in drivers’ attitudes towards in-cab safety technology. From basic dash cams to more recent systems which

Inattentive Driving

SmartDrive releases next generation solutio...

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SmartDrive Systems, now part of Omnitracs, has released SmartSense™ for Inattentive Driving+. SmartSense for Inattentive Driving+’s integrated interior cameras and sensor technology, employs AI and

HGV Drivers

HGV Drivers still waiting for promised over...

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More than 1,400 HGV drivers will be forced to spend the night sleeping in their cabs tonight, due to a chronic lack of safe and secure parking spaces

Highway Code

Highway Code changes to provide clearer gui...

Jul 05, 2021Comments off

The Highway Code will be updated later this year to help road users better understand how motorways and major A-roads operate. The new guidance has