Driver Safety

What music makes you a worse driver

Sep 19, 2019No Comments

Listening to rock music behind the wheel could make you a worse driver, new research has revealed. Scientists at South China University of Technology have

Fleet Source appoints Pertemps Driver Train...

Sep 18, 2019No Comments

Fleet training specialist, Fleet Source, has appointed Pertemps Driver Training to create the UK’s biggest driver training service. The partnership between Fleet Source and Pertemps

France to scrap law requiring drivers to ca...

Sep 18, 2019No Comments

A law that requires all drivers in France to keep at least one disposable breathalyser kit in the car at all times is to be

Eyesight standards when driving abroad

Sep 16, 2019No Comments

It’s well known in the UK that employers have a legal responsibility under EU legislation to ensure that employees meet the minimum eyesight standards when

Six tips to banish driver distractions

Sep 16, 2019No Comments

Recognising the danger of distractions and knowing how to keep them to a minimum is a vital part of driving safely. That’s why GEM Motoring

Roadside recovery industry offered smart tr...

Sep 13, 2019No Comments

Highways England, the government company responsible for the country’s motorways and major A roads, has joined forces with the Network Training Partnership (NTP) to offer

Licence Check and Airmax in data integratio...

Sep 11, 2019No Comments

Licence Check and Airmax Remote, have announced a data integration partnership agreement which will provide enhanced driver behaviour information based on telematics feedback to help

Local councils need powers to stop lorry-ma...

Sep 09, 2019No Comments

Local authorities are calling for more powers to help stop lorries causing ‘havoc’ in towns and villages throughout England. The Local Government Association (LGA) says

Smart motorways ‘a risk to life’...

Sep 09, 2019No Comments

Plans to roll-out smart motorways across the country have been dealt a ‘severe blow’, according to a national newspaper. First introduced in 2014, smart motorways

Hidden dangers on city streets

Sep 09, 2019No Comments

Ford Mobility in Europe has been employing big data analytics combined with detailed on-site observations to discover where – and why – some stretches of

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