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Diesel Myth Buster (October 18, 2019 9:17 am)

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Diesel Myth Buster

Increasingly stringent environmental standards continue to put the spotlight on diesel’s environmental performance. At the same time, alternative fuels and a growing interest in electric

Preparing for Brexit: How to Be a Flexible Fleet Manager

It is a foregone conclusion that no fleet manager in the UK can afford to sit back and simply wait for the effects of a

Fueling Commercial Vehicles of the Future

With commercial vehicle operators under more pressure than ever, they are faced with the day-to-day task of maximising profits, while ensuring they comply with current

Why the Car Factory of the future starts with the digitalisation of the supply chain

The production line is cited as the crucial invention that transformed the efficiency of the Ford Model T factory in Michigan USA, such that the

Tackling and managing the impact of disruption from unexpected events

Becoming more connected may be opening up fantastic new opportunities, but it is also exposing fleet managers to adverse events they previously wouldn’t have had

How can you affordably manage your fleet?

If you’re a company with a fleet of work vehicles, chances are you are looking for ways to cut costs. Running a fleet of cars

Tyre selection and driving style critical to maximise plug-in vehicle fleet performance

Tyre selection – allied to driving style – will be even more critical to maximise performance and longevity, and minimise fleet costs, when fitted to

How fleet operators can be key to UK Electric Vehicle adoption

In August this year, the Tesla Model 3 was the third best-selling car in the country, and a recent LeasePlan index suggested that the total

How the sharing economy is disrupting traditional business models

One of the biggest frustrations with car hire has always been ‘the middle man’; it can be extremely frustrating having to deal with red tape,

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