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Truck depot yard

How can you reduce supply chain costs & emissions?

An idling truck can burn up to a gallon of diesel an hour and rack up completely avoidable detention costs. Are truck queues adding to

Fleet management software and its benefits

“One for all, all for one” is the main point and root benefit of utilizing Fleet Management Software that streamlines the process. For one, it

The necessity of building a sustainable fleet and optimising investment

At the beginning of this year, data suggested that 2021 saw a 4.5% drop in fleet and business new car registrations. And yet, despite this

Supply chain image

How businesses can build supply chain resilience

From the rise in ecommerce, with the likes of Amazon reporting profit increases of nearly 220% in less than a year from the first lockdown,

CDS is here – and this time, it’s for real

With a global pandemic, chaos at the borders, an HGV driver shortage and ensuing supply chain chaos, compounded by political uncertainty, inflation and a fuel and


Dispelling the myths: five things you’ve got wrong about video telematics

Making the decision to integrate video into your telematics offering can be daunting. Commercial fleets in Europe have historically faced unique challenges with regard to

Vauxhall Vivaro E electric van

How to finance an electric van as a sole trader

With the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles to be banned in 2030, larger companies like Royal Mail have taken steps to transition towards

Car Cloning

London sees 857% rise in car cloning

A growing number of hard-pressed car owners are being hit with unfair PCNs for offences they did not commit due to car cloning, according to

Two Trucks on the motorway

Drivers are turning to smart tech to make life easier

Over the past few months, the UK government and the haulage industry have stepped up efforts to improve the ongoing driver shortage. From investments in