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Keeping moving in a time of crisis

Peter Mansfield, Group Sales and Marketing Director for leading vehicle technology specialist Trakm8, examines the important role telematics will play in keeping Britain’s key vehicles

autonomous vehicles

Busting the myths of autonomous vehicles

Without a doubt, autonomous vehicles (AVs) have been the buzzword of the last few years in the automotive industry. Last month, the world witnessed the


COVID-19 & Logistics

Covid-19, the novel communicable disease caused by a strain of the coronavirus, is beginning to have a huge impact on supply chains all over the

The Future of Diesel

Advances in diesel engine design and their impact on heavy goods vehicles Heavy-duty diesel vehicles have come under the spotlight in recent years because of


Shortage of skills threatens road safety – and the future of bodyshops

A recent article in FleetPoint* referenced comments from Graham O’Neill, the CEO of ACIS, on how bodyshops are evolving to meet the growing number of

Fleet Logistics

Turbulent times provide opportunity for new fleet policies

The current turbulence and uncertainty in the fleet market surrounding WLTP and the outlawing of fossil fuel and hybrid vehicles in just 12-15 years’ time

Digital innovations

Digital innovations on the road ahead in 2020

New technologies are accelerating the pace of change for businesses across Europe, with many businesses unsure how developments in AI and Machine Learning, data analytics

Road charging, traffic-free cities and not a self-driving car in sight..?

UK drivers should brace themselves for change: life on the roads is going to get harder and more expensive over the next decade, according to

Electric Fleets

The top five trends in electric fleets for 2020

As the UK works towards net zero emissions by 2050, new initiatives and policies are emerging that have provoked increased discussion surrounding the future of

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