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How fleet video telematics technology delivers enhanced fleet safety

Operating a fleet is only going to get more expensive in the next few years, but video telematics technology helps business fleet owners to run

Why the UK needs to ‘go Dutch’ on electric car charging

When it comes to the mass adoption of electric vehicles in the UK, there are a range of barriers cited, from naysayers and believers alike.

Why data is the driver in fleet electrification

The cost of using public rapid and ultra-rapid chargers has risen by 50% since May, according to new data from RAC Charge Watch. The motoring

Four fleet and transport predictions for 2023

Fleet management over the next 12 months is set to look significantly more digitalised as technological services improve automation and convenience. For fleet managers, having

How small fleets can use automation for big gains

Using fleet management technologies to automate processes and workflows isn’t just about convenience, but rather improving key data collection and saving time related to daily

Which types of marketing are most effective for transport companies?

There can be no doubt that many businesses have found their marketplace challenging in the past few years. Whether it is the after-effects of the

How to optimise Last Mile Deliveries

Last Mile Deliveries take place within the last or final mile of the supply chain. These are deliveries direct to consumers, whether it’s two miles

How to bring your drivers with you on your electrification journey

Your business is likely ready to make the switch to electric vehicles for a few reasons including financial benefits and supporting wider net zero targets.

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Driving a sustainable supply chain

2022 has certainly been turbulent. The war in Ukraine, record fuel prices, unprecedented inflation, the continued fall-out from COVID, Brexit and a recession in the