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Chargepoint charging station

2022 is set to be a breakout year for EVs in the UK

Due to ongoing supply chain issues, the UK automotive market had its weakest October in 30 years in 2021. That, following a nearly 30% year-on-year

Autonomous Car

Are British roads capable of catering for autonomous vehicles?

This year, the UK became the first country to allow self-driving cars on motorways at low speed. The country is making incredible progress in the

Woman charging her electric car

Now is the time to power on to electric

Never has the spotlight been so strongly focused on climate change than in 2021, with COP26 creating a pivotal moment calling for action, and undeniable

The new landscape for parking in 2022

With 2021 behind us, we can see that the last 12 months chart the rapid evolution of the mobility sector in 2021. The impacts of

How connectivity technology is improving logistics communications

Logistics is an ever-evolving area that is constantly under the microscope for how it can be optimised and improved to ensure goods and services are

White delivery van

How retail delivery can help Britain meet its net zero target

Online deliveries – is there anything more convenient? You browse through endless options, click on the product that tickles your fancy, and wait for it

A cleaner, smarter solution to driver shortages

The road transport industry is the backbone of the economy and plays an essential role in enabling people to live their daily lives. This was

Car being charged at chargepoint

The electrification of transport is happening now

There’s no longer any doubt that electric vehicles represent the future of transport. Based on strong sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe so far

Overnight Lorry Park

Government must improve HGV driver working conditions

The HGV driver shortage has been brought into sharp focus in recent months, causing significant supply chain delays across multiple sectors. However, it is an