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Clean Air Zone

Is there a future for Charging Clean Air Zones?

The Clean Air Zone (CAZ) programme was designed to improve air quality through the acceleration of ultra-low and zero emission cars, vans, taxis, buses, and


Petrol-Diesel Ban 2030: easing the transition to EV only fleets

With the government announcing a ban on new petrol or diesel vehicles in the UK from 2030, making the switch to an electric vehicle (EV)

greener logistics

‘Mega-Lorries’ a positive step toward greener logistics

The government proposals to increase maximum HGV weight to 48 tonnes are a welcome step and should open up some much-needed conversations. There is no


Tachograph rules made easy

If you are a truck driver or fleet operator, understanding tachograph regulations can be complicated. To save you from unnecessary fines or driving penalties, we

car ownership

What does the future of car ownership look like?

The world of mobility is rapidly evolving. Increasingly stringent environmental legislation has led to manufacturers designing and developing more sustainable and eco-friendly vehicles, while a

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles: Is the UK grid ready for the electric revolution?

Covid-19 has significantly shifted consumer expectations and business functions as the pandemic forced people to adapt to a new way of living. Whilst auto sales


Keeping the wheels turning in turbulent times

Road haulage is one of the biggest global industries, propelled by technological developments, economic growth, globalisation and the road skills of generations of dedicated drivers.

Connected Vehicle

How the connected vehicle offers solutions to today’s fleet challenges

Ever since the introduction of black boxes, which initially just shared a vehicle’s live location, the technology within our fleets has developed beyond recognition. Fleet

Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles

What are the different types of Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles?

Once confined to hypothetical conversations and science labs, the electric vehicle (EV) has gradually become a frequent sight on UK roads thanks to developments in

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