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Die Casting

Artisans with millimetric precision

Their hands create one-of-a-kind pieces but instead of being exhibited in a museum, their work can be admired on streets and roads on a daily

Avis Budget Group

The car continues its rule of the road: but car ownership is evolving

The car’s popularity will stay strong in the upcoming mobility shift, but attitudes towards car ownership will change significantly, according to a new report released

traffic lights

The car that communicates with traffic lights

What colour will the next traffic light be if I continue to drive at this speed? The answer to this question no longer depends on

vehicle leasing

5 vehicle leasing industry trends for 2020

Almost all – 91.2 percent – of new cars are now bought using finance options such as vehicle leasing agreements. In fact, the UK is

advanced lubrication

The five benefits of advanced lubrication as temperatures plummet

As the seasons change, creating new driving conditions, drivers’ thoughts will traditionally turn to the state of their vehicle and ensuring it is prepared for

Smaller vans

Smaller vans are driving the market forward

By the start of 2019, the UK private sector had grown 3.5% year-on-year, meaning there’s now an estimated 5.9 million UK businesses. Not only did

Is car ownership really a thing of the past?

The usership over ownership trend has sparked a great deal of excitement in both the media and our living rooms over the past few years,

EV batteries could be ‘huge waste mountain of the future’

The development and industrialisation of recycling technologies for end-of-life EV batteries is currently being outpaced by a boom of EV uptake, paving the way for

Charging towards a zero-carbon future

King Coal has been dethroned, the rise of renewables on our power networks has pushed its contribution from 40% to 6% in just ten years.

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