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medium-duty vehicle

Driving efficiencies within the medium-duty vehicle segment

As people across the globe were confined to their homes and regions by COVID-19, e-commerce experienced a sharp growth spike. This is set to continue

Fleet Card Fraud

What makes a Fleet Card Fraudster tick?

Fleet card fraud is a dynamic and growing issue. Often underrated and overshadowed by credit and debit card fraud. Our research has shown that fleet


Seven considerations for upgrading fleets to 5G

With all the press attention and hype about 5G, it’s natural to wonder when the real deal is arriving. What form will it take? And


Why communication is at the heart of achieving driver buy-in

Over the years, there has been a gradual shift in drivers’ attitudes towards in-cab safety technology. From basic dash cams to more recent systems which

Fleet Management

Futureproofing fleet management for SMEs post-pandemic

As the UK economy emerges from one of its most testing periods, it is promising to read that projected growth is positive – with the


Boost the benefits of putting your fleet out to tender

Whether a business is obliged to put their fleet contract out to tender, is seeking a new supplier or simply benchmarking the market to have leverage with their

Fleet Risk

Mitigating fleet risk: Are you keeping your drivers and business safe?

How much thought goes into managing risk around your organisation’s data protection and privacy? How many hours do your employees put in? The answer to

charging network

The vital role for LA’s to support UK EV charging network

The evolution of the UK’s fuel network from the opening of the first roadside filling station in 1920 to the 8,000+ sites located across the


How telematics can help improve your fleet’s sustainability

The concept of sustainability has long been relevant to the fleet industry, but the topic has really hit its stride in recent years. Research continues