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Electric Fleets

The top five trends in electric fleets for 2020

As the UK works towards net zero emissions by 2050, new initiatives and policies are emerging that have provoked increased discussion surrounding the future of

Company Car

What 2020 holds for the automotive industry

From the 2040 ban on petrol and diesel vehicles to the introduction of Clean Air Zones, WLTP and RDE, 2019 was a year of pivotal

The importance of fleet management tools for car rental companies

Fleet management software is essential for running a car rental business. These tools give rental establishments more control over general fleet operations, including: Vehicle maintenance

6 reasons for driving an electric car

No CO2 or other atmospheric pollutants. Sustainability may be the main reason for driving a fully electric car, but it is by no means the only one.

A choreography in the factory

When we think of a choreography we might imagine a performance by the Moscow Bolshoi Ballet or the London Royal Ballet School. But there are

What does Boris Johnson’s win mean for fleets and mobility?

In December, the ruling Conservatives won an outright majority in the UK’s General Election – something they have not enjoyed since 2017. What’s more, this

health and wellbeing

On track to improve driver health and wellbeing

At a time when skilled drivers are in high demand, fleet managers are increasingly focused on improving safety standards and caring for their employees’ health

Die Casting

Artisans with millimetric precision

Their hands create one-of-a-kind pieces but instead of being exhibited in a museum, their work can be admired on streets and roads on a daily

Avis Budget Group

The car continues its rule of the road: but car ownership is evolving

The car’s popularity will stay strong in the upcoming mobility shift, but attitudes towards car ownership will change significantly, according to a new report released

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