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Row of Tesco electric vans being charged

The EV Charge: the four factors driving fle...

May 24, 2022No Comments

The adoption of battery electric vehicles (EVs) has sky-rocketed in recent years. In the UK alone we have seen a dramatic increase in the number

Driverless car in London

Future of fleet mobility

May 23, 2022No Comments

One small regulation change has altered the future of fleet mobility. The recent announcement by the UK government that will enable driverless vehicles to operate

Van refueling with hydrogen

Weaning European transport off fossil fuels

May 23, 2022No Comments

The European Commission’s proposals to reduce faster Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels rightly aims to tackle twin geopolitical and climate crises. A key tenet of

Car Share

Young people don’t want to own cars

May 12, 2022No Comments

Most OEMs are working overtime to develop and produce EVs ahead of the future ban on combustion engine vehicles, with the number of electric cars,

HGV Driver

Why more European countries must embrace vi...

May 12, 2022No Comments

Unlike the high adoption rates seen in certain parts of the world, use of video telematics technology in Europe remains low. According to a 2021

digital procurement

Five factors to consider for best-of-breed

May 10, 2022No Comments

Extensive disruption at the beginning of the decade put resilience at the top of the agenda for most organisations. Now, more attention than ever is

Green Logistics

Fleet Managers: It’s time to retool for s...

May 03, 2022No Comments

If you’re a carrier or transportation provider looking to grow your business in 2022, there’s one sector that should be at the top of your

Why the industry needs to look beyond EVs

May 03, 2022No Comments

The adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to increase, with figures showing that there were over 420,000 fully-electric cars on UK roads at the end

HGV trainee under instruction

Five steps to accelerating fleet and driver...

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The spotlight has fallen on the risk of dangerous driving recently, with the UK government introducing new legislation that makes it illegal for drivers to use handheld

Fleet manager using computor

Improve Fleet-wide Uptime and ROI with flee...

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While many businesses are still using antiquated processes like spreadsheets to manage operations, these result in a lack of data visibility and overall inefficiency. To