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Electric trucks are here to stay but they d...

Jan 17, 2019No Comments

Electric trucks are suddenly no longer a speck on a far-off horizon. Light- and medium-duty electric trucks are in service now. California-based Thor is demonstrating heavy- and

How will smart charging be delivered to the...

Jan 16, 2019No Comments

Following our report in December 2018 that government-funded charging points must be smart from July 2019, there has been much discussion and debate within the

Get Ready for Customs Declaration Service (...

Jan 15, 2019No Comments

UK businesses undertaking international trade are, right now, understandably focused on Brexit – what declaration documentation changes will be required and what additional resources will

A Data Driven Approach to Making Electric V...

Jan 10, 2019No Comments

Vehicle fleet managers are at the vanguard of the movement to make the EU’s transport infrastructure more sustainable. According to research, 64% of fleet managers

Brexit – a threat or opportunity for the ...

Dec 14, 2018Comments off

March 29th is fast approaching, yet Brexit continues to cast a foreboding shadow over the UK’s automotive industry, its customers and suppliers. At the time

How to help your drivers stay well-rested o...

Dec 12, 2018Comments off

Driving while tired is just as dangerous as driving while drunk, and long, irregular work patterns are only increasing levels of fatigue for drivers. Phil

Deck the halls…with deliveries

Dec 05, 2018Comments off

Transport networks can be fraught at the best of time but with Christmas fast approaching, ensuring that supplies, deliveries and other commitments are fulfilled will

Buckle-up for a connected car ride, powered...

Nov 28, 2018Comments off

Rohit Gupta, vice president and head of manufacturing, logistics, energy & utilities, Europe at Cognizant It is estimated that there will be a quarter of

MRM: A smarter way to protect public transp...

Nov 27, 2018Comments off

It is imperative that any organisation delivering public services takes the appropriate measures to ensure high standards of health and safety for its users. Doing

How VR can improve health and safety in the...

Nov 23, 2018Comments off

Ben Bennett, Managing Director of virtual and augmented reality developer Luminous, explains how these burgeoning technologies can help to improve health and safety in the

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