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Car being charged at chargepoint

The electrification of transport is happeni...

Nov 29, 20213 Comments

There’s no longer any doubt that electric vehicles represent the future of transport. Based on strong sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe so far

Overnight Lorry Park

Government must improve HGV driver working ...

Nov 25, 20211 Comment

The HGV driver shortage has been brought into sharp focus in recent months, causing significant supply chain delays across multiple sectors. However, it is an

Car charger at charging point

Understanding the impact of today’s EV fi...

Nov 24, 2021No Comments

Despite a lot of attention being paid to it, the electric vehicle market is still relatively small – pure EVs had a 6.6% market share

Ariel view of a motorway interchange

Emerging sustainability trends in the logis...

Nov 22, 2021No Comments

As flights for cargo transportation were grounded worldwide due to the pandemic, spikes in demand for shipping services escalated rapidly. Yet, a third of shipping

Tanker lorry carring dangerous goods

The challenges of transporting hazardous ma...

Nov 19, 2021No Comments

Transporting hazardous materials poses several challenges for businesses, making it crucial that logistics providers consider effective route optimisation and scheduling software from the outset. Moving

COP26: climate change need solutions that a...

Nov 16, 2021No Comments

COP26 has confirmed that world-wide net zero emissions by 2050 won’t happen. This comes on the back of a stark report which confirms up to

Value Chain diagram

Pandemic exposed company value chain flaws

Nov 10, 2021No Comments

As businesses look forward to the post-Covid environment, value chains have come under the spotlight. In many sectors, long-standing inefficiencies were exposed by the pandemic

Toyota Hydrogen Truck

Fuel Cells: The need for long range zero em...

Nov 08, 2021No Comments

All major players in the automotive industry are racing to develop and deploy zero-emission vehicles: a tumultuous change in powertrain technology is underway. The new

White cars being charged

Learning from ABB’s transition to an all-...

Oct 05, 2021Comments off

As part of its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality across our own operations, leading global technology company, ABB, is switching to an all-electric fleet by

Mercedes Benz eActros truck on the road

Is the ban of fossil fuel vehicles going to...

Oct 04, 2021Comments off

The UK Government has announced official plans to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030. From then on, new hybrids or