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EV batteries could be ‘huge waste mou...

Nov 07, 2019No Comments

The development and industrialisation of recycling technologies for end-of-life EV batteries is currently being outpaced by a boom of EV uptake, paving the way for

Charging towards a zero-carbon future

Nov 06, 2019No Comments

King Coal has been dethroned, the rise of renewables on our power networks has pushed its contribution from 40% to 6% in just ten years.

Reckon you can spot the Real among Fakes?

Oct 29, 2019No Comments have made minor changes to 20 recognisable car brands. Can you tell which ones are real and which are fake? Take these Ford logos

Diesel Myth Buster

Oct 18, 2019No Comments

Increasingly stringent environmental standards continue to put the spotlight on diesel’s environmental performance. At the same time, alternative fuels and a growing interest in electric

Preparing for Brexit: How to Be a Flexible ...

Oct 16, 2019No Comments

It is a foregone conclusion that no fleet manager in the UK can afford to sit back and simply wait for the effects of a

Fueling Commercial Vehicles of the Future

Oct 04, 2019Comments off

With commercial vehicle operators under more pressure than ever, they are faced with the day-to-day task of maximising profits, while ensuring they comply with current

Why the Car Factory of the future starts wi...

Oct 02, 2019Comments off

The production line is cited as the crucial invention that transformed the efficiency of the Ford Model T factory in Michigan USA, such that the

Tackling and managing the impact of disrupt...

Sep 27, 2019Comments off

Becoming more connected may be opening up fantastic new opportunities, but it is also exposing fleet managers to adverse events they previously wouldn’t have had

How can you affordably manage your fleet?

Sep 24, 2019Comments off

If you’re a company with a fleet of work vehicles, chances are you are looking for ways to cut costs. Running a fleet of cars

Tyre selection and driving style critical t...

Sep 24, 2019Comments off

Tyre selection – allied to driving style – will be even more critical to maximise performance and longevity, and minimise fleet costs, when fitted to

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