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How smart technology can help cut HGV deat...

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Driving heavy vehicles is a challenging occupation, demanding skill and concentration whether operating on worksites, built-up urban areas or rural roads. Despite rigorous driver training

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UK service stations labelled the worst for ...

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While there is a much-needed focus on the pressures facing the truck community, new research from eStar, the Mercedes-Benz Truck and Van franchise partner in

A cleaner, smarter solution to driver short...

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The road transport industry is the backbone of the economy and plays an essential role in enabling people to live their daily lives. This was

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Government must improve HGV driver working ...

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The HGV driver shortage has been brought into sharp focus in recent months, causing significant supply chain delays across multiple sectors. However, it is an

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Seasonal driving hacks that could save UK m...

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A leading insurance comparison firm is revealing the top winter driving hacks that could help motorists avoid higher premiums and retain those all-important No Claims

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Sleep apnoea: help for sleepy drivers

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Sleep apnoea is when a person’s breathing stops and starts while they sleep. It is caused by the airways becoming relaxed and narrow while a person

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Real insights into the hazards of driving f...

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The distractions of hands-free phone use, managing a grey fleet of 5000 plus complex other transport needs, and the rights and wrongs of van safety

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5 ways to upskill your drivers

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Upskilling your drivers is important for numerous reasons. Road transport is a heavily regulated industry so there are naturally several mandatory training requirements, depending on

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How to ensure your safety as a trucker

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When you are working as a trucker, whether you are new to the business or you have started out for the first time, it is

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Are women the future of trucking?

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Jodi Smith is a Class 2 truck driver for JMS Powered Access. She has been driving trucks since 2016 and is an advocate for female