driving licence

driving licence

TTC warns fleet managers of key driving lic...

Sep 07, 2021Comments off

TTC is urging fleet managers to focus on the key legislation change surrounding licence extension periods that came into effect on the 1 September, and

driving licence

Can I see your driving licence please?

Mar 24, 2021Comments off

Is that a question you ask at interview? They might be a good fit for the team and have the right qualifications, but are there


Companies need to be alert over new photoca...

Jun 15, 2020Comments off

Companies need to be alert to a new Government ruling that gives a seven-month extension to drivers whose photocard driving licence expires between the start

Foreign driver licence exchange stats cause...

Apr 11, 2019Comments off

Last year more than 150,000 drivers who took their driving test outside Britain obtained a UK licence which puts businesses at risk of breaching their

UK driving licence ‘may not be valid in E...

Sep 24, 2018Comments off

Licence Bureau has warned UK drivers that their driving licences may not be valid in the European Union (EU) in the event of the nation

Motoring agencies must deliver a more unifi...

Oct 08, 2014Comments off

A thing of the past? The Department for Transport must ensure that the recently reorganised agencies serving motorists work harder to deliver a better service

New photo driving licence revealed

Feb 17, 2014Comments off

Card offers a refreshed design and numerous improved safety features, including a new holograph and raised surface pattern

Pertemps tackling driver licence checking w...

Jul 31, 2013Comments off

Recruitment agency are using EDECS to verify licences of thousands of agency drivers

‘Raise minimum driving age’, ur...

Jul 17, 2013Comments off

Research by British Car Auctions shows 40% believe a raise would cut accidents

Graduated driving licence schemes would cut...

Jul 17, 2013Comments off

Charity call for overhaul of how young motorists learn to drive