Road Safety

Uber self-driving car that killed pedestria...

Nov 14, 2019No Comments

Software flaws in an Uber self-driving car have been blamed for the death of a pedestrian in the United States. Last year’s accident was the world’s

Licence Bureau encourages road safety focus...

Nov 14, 2019No Comments

As part of Road Safety Week 2019 (18-24 November), coordinated by Brake, Licence Bureau is calling on fleet operators to ‘step up’ their road safety

New scheme to ‘revolutionise’ lorry saf...

Nov 04, 2019No Comments

A new standard to protect vulnerable road users from the ‘most dangerous’ heavy goods vehicles by minimising blind spots has officially launched in London. Under

Let’s go back to 1968 to reduce road acci...

Oct 25, 2019No Comments

Fifty-one-ears ago, the Government conducted a three-year experiment which saved hundreds of lives, by bringing the clocks forward in March 1968 and not turning them

Smart motorways to be reviewed over safety ...

Oct 25, 20191 Comment

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced to MPs* that an urgent review into the safety concerns over smart motorways, and has called for recommendations to be

Shared spaces ‘simply do not work for...

Oct 21, 2019No Comments

A charity which represents blind and visually impaired people has stepped up its campaign to have shared space schemes abolished – describing them as unsafe,

Dometic launches intelligent blind spot cam...

Oct 18, 2019No Comments

Dometic launches new intelligent turn assistant system to support the fight against fatal blind spot accidents. The new Dometic CAM1000 blind spot camera reliably distinguishes

Eyesight standards when driving abroad

Sep 16, 2019Comments off

It’s well known in the UK that employers have a legal responsibility under EU legislation to ensure that employees meet the minimum eyesight standards when

Local councils need powers to stop lorry-ma...

Sep 09, 2019Comments off

Local authorities are calling for more powers to help stop lorries causing ‘havoc’ in towns and villages throughout England. The Local Government Association (LGA) says

Plea for a renewed focus on corporate vehic...

Sep 04, 2019Comments off

The safety of all road users is being impacted by a corporate-wide move away from company-provided vehicles with a rising number of employees taking cash

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