Air Pollution

You should be fined for leaving your engine...

Oct 14, 2019Comments off

Almost three quarters of UK drivers want to see councils target motorists who leave their engines running while parked. In fact, 44% of 2,130 members

A breath of fresh air

Jul 09, 2019Comments off

People in one of the UK’s pollution hotspots will be able to breathe air that’s as clean as that found at Peak District National Park

Lawyers warn ministers: Highways England in...

May 28, 2019Comments off

Environmental lawyers have warned that Highways England’s failure to commit to measures to tackle air pollution on its roads is unlawful, and have written to

It’s time to recognise air pollution as a...

May 21, 2019Comments off

The British Safety Council has launched a report ‘Impact of air pollution on the health of outdoor workers’ which provides compelling evidence to recognize ambient

Shell launches bitumen product which helps ...

Mar 19, 2019Comments off

Shell has launched a new bitumen product that can help reduce the impact of asphalt production and paving on local air quality. Shell Bitumen FreshAir

City dwellers demand smart traffic measures...

Jan 10, 2019Comments off

The UK is among the most congested countries in the world, with a reported 37.5 million vehicles registered for use on UK roads last year

Vehicle choice can significantly reduce dri...

Oct 05, 2018Comments off

Could switching to zero emission capable taxis potentially halve exposure to toxic exhaust pollutants? According to findings from new research, London taxi drivers experience twice

New technology is the coolest way to tackle...

Sep 14, 2018Comments off

Engines powered by liquid nitrogen could significantly reduce air pollution and are cost effective, a new Leeds City Council backed trial has found. If it

National congestion crisis warning issued b...

Aug 06, 2018Comments off

Council leaders have revealed that the number of vehicles on England’s clogged roads has risen by nearly two and a half million in the last

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