1 in 8 tyres found to be under-inflated

Monday, January 5, 2015 - 17:00
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WheelRight’s automatic monitoring device in action

12% of 500 cars tested by WheelRight were found to be significantly under-inflated

Figures taken at the event revealed the true extent of drivers neglect of tyre condition – with 1 in 8 of the tyres tested under inflated by more than 20%. WheelRight’s testing revealed that drivers are incurring needless costs and endangering safety through inadequate tyre inflation. Tyre under-inflation by just 10% typically costs the average HGV operator £1,000 per vehicle in extra fuel usage and tyre wear per year.

Poorly inflated tyres pose a well-known risk to vehicle safety, leading to incidents such as breakdowns and blowouts. Figures collated by the Highways Agency reveal that from April 2013 to September 2014, 21% of all breakdowns recorded were related to tyre issues. Over 61,000 recorded breakdowns concerned a tyre or wheel issue – a significant average of nearly 3,700 incidents a month. The majority of vehicles reporting breakdown tyre incidents were cars (63%), with HGVs and LGVs reporting 21% and 11% respectively.

WheelRight chief executive John Catling is recommending that fleet operators move to daily tyre checks from the industry standard of four to six weeks to improve safety and cut costs. He said: “Fleet managers have only been able to check their tyre pressures every month so far with the technology available to them. But now we’re offering the opportunity to embrace the benefits of daily tyre pressure checks. Operators have the chance to seize control of their tyre pressure monitoring in selecting a technology that instantly provides accurate and robust data – essential to running fleets safely and cost effectively.”

The stastics come from WheelRight’s new mobile automatic monitoring device, which took pressure readings of approximately 2,000 tyres at a recent industry event.

Within seconds of driving over WheelRight’s monitoring unit, accurate vehicle tyre pressure readings were then sent to registered users mobile phones, while others were invited to collect the information from the WheelRight stand at the show.

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