Europe failing to reach the target for the ...

Mar 22, 2019Comments off

The gap between the European Union’s (EU) 2020 target for reducing the number of deaths caused by road traffic accidents and the actual number of

The most common causes for road accidents p...

Nov 28, 2018Comments off

Although the figure for the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) down slightly since 2017, statistics for the year ending June 2018 show

Higher crash risk for gig economy drivers

Aug 21, 2018Comments off

Self-employed drivers working in the so-called gig economy are at a significantly higher risk of being involved in a collision, a new study from University

Glare of the sun leading to increased Road ...

Sep 24, 2014Comments off

Beware of the glare Dazzle and glare from the sun has historically led to increased road traffic accidents in the past, and as Autumn descends

Up to 300,000 accident-damaged cars to hit ...

Oct 18, 2013Comments off

Accident Exchange study reveals one in four part-exchanged vehicles over the next three years could be 'duds'

Accidents caused by ‘sun-dazzle’ up by ...

Oct 15, 2013Comments off

In 2012, 2,905 accidents were caused by motorists being affected by sunlight

Expensive tyre failures banished as new pro...

Sep 17, 2013Comments off

Puncture Safe UK seeks to protect tyres from frequent replacement - potentially saving fleets thousands

Don’t forget three road safety Cs, urge G...

Sep 11, 2013Comments off

Care, courtesy and concentration vital with children back in school, charity claim

Deadly pile-up crashes ‘could be hist...

Sep 09, 2013Comments off

Thatcham claim multi-vehicle smashes such as last week's Isle of Sheppey horror crash could be banished by auto brakes

Tailgaters risking lives in ‘avoidable’...

Sep 03, 2013Comments off

Millions of drivers leave too little stopping distance when in traffic, study finds

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