Olympic Medallist At Jeep Job Swap

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 14:50
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Olympic medallist William Fox-Pitt and polo star Nic Roldan

Olympic eventing medallist, William Fox-Pitt, and professional polo player, Nic Roldan, have put each other through their equine paces in a unique Team GB vs Team USA Jeep Job Swap.

The equestrian specialists taught each other vital skills from the worlds of eventing and polo in the rare challenge, at Cowdray Park, West Sussex. For the first time, three-time Olympian Fox-Pitt helped America’s polo captain hone his jumping finesse, while Roldan educated the eventing legend on the finer details of polo.

After the masterclass Fox-Pitt and Roldan took part in a chukka, as the Olympian continued to try to refine his polo mastery.

Both athletes arrived for the Jeep Job Swap in their Grand Cherokees. Jeep’s luxury 4×4, the most awarded SUV ever, has all of the practical capabilities required for someone competing in an equine sport including an impressive 3,500kg towing capacity and 1,554 litres of rear boot space to store mallets, saddles or helmets.

Grand Cherokee’s luxury interior offers a premium driving experience during a busy equine season and is also packed with more than 60 safety and security features such as ParkView rear back up camera technology.

“I’ve not played polo for years and it was surprising how different I felt on the polo pony, as the horses are completely different models,” said Fox-Pitt. “Nic gave me some good confidence boosts and was daring enough to let me play a chukka – not that I scored many goals.”

Professional polo player, Roldan, added: “Even though both sports are on horseback, I really had to focus on the show jumping challenge. It is very controlled as you have to make sure you have timed your rhythm and number of strides ahead of the jump – I didn’t want to knock the jump or make the horse, Rio, look bad in front of William.”

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