GeniePoint Network – Upgraded rapid chargers for Hampshire

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 09:19
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ChargePoint Services and East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) have further increased the number of electric vehicle rapid chargers across the county to make driving an electric vehicle even easier in the South.

The GeniePoint Network has been extended to include additional chargers in Petersfield Town Centre, next to the main Waitrose supermarket, and also in Alton Hampshire, in Manor car park just minutes from the town centre.  These high specification, rapid chargers offer the latest in EV charging technology, giving drivers using the GeniePoint Network the confidence that they can charge quickly and reliably during their journey.

Selecting the most suitable sites where drivers are either passing through, or stopping to shop or take a break, has been instrumental in achieving the high usage of the latest two rapid chargers hosted by EHDC, with the Petersfield charger incurring the highest number of sessions of any other charger in Hampshire despite only being installed in February this year.

Alex Bamberg, managing director, ChargePoint Services, said.  “ChargePoint Services are very pleased to be working with EHDC in rolling out of further EV charging facilities in East Hampshire.  It is clear from the extremely steep increase in usage that the public are waiting for rapid charging facilities to become available and are embracing the facility immediately it is installed. We are focussed in our drive to provide the latest in EV charging technology to drivers providing them with the essential service of fuelling their electric vehicles as a day to day requirement.”

The GeniePoint Network is continuing to grow all across the UK, in Hampshire there are now a total of 19 chargers, with new chargers being installed in Chichester and Havant, and many more scheduled before the end of 2018.  All new rapid chargers on the GeniePoint Network are the fastest performing chargers available, giving drivers the best possible experience when using the GeniePoint Network.

Cllr Dean Phillips of EHDC said “I am delighted that we have these high-spec charge-points in Alton, so close to the High Street. The chargers work with all types of electric vehicles, are really easy to use, whilst charging vehicles very quickly.   The Council is leading the way towards a low-carbon future, and we have reduced carbon emissions and running costs of our fleet by switching to 100% electric vehicles. “

Jane Devlin, EHDC Energy Strategy Manager said.  “We have seen the number of electric vehicles on the road increase considerably over the last couple of years, and working with CPS, we are able to provide a service which makes choosing to go electric much easier.  With grants available for buying an electric vehicle, we expect to see this trend continue.”

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