Arval launch ‘Smart Experience’ services

Tuesday, May 27, 2014 - 13:00
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LAUNCH: Arval bring ‘Smart Experience’ to UK

Arval are set to launch their Smart Experience in the UK, a range of interactive services designed to enhance their customer and driver relationships.

The approach aims to ‘recognise the changing information requirements of fleet managers and their drivers’.

Smart Experience utilises online tools, mobile technology and social networks through a combination of mobile apps, tailored web content, and dashboards optimised for tablet use.

There are four core elements of the Arval Smart Experience, all of which have been optimised for smartphone or tablet use: Arval Connect, Arval Fleet View, Arval Mobile+ and Arval Drive Challenge.

Arval Connect is a new, secure website for fleet managers containing a range of useful information relating to the fleet market and to their own fleet.

Optimised for tablet, laptop and desktop use, it includes video reviews on the latest vehicle releases, maps of available service and maintenance sites, copy invoices and the latest industry news.

Arval Fleet View is a tablet-optimised dashboard which displays the most useful fleet metrics providing the most pertinent information at a glance.

This includes information on the composition of the fleet, current costs, vehicle usage and CSR related metrics.

Arval Mobile is an app for drivers providing useful information that they can access remotely via their smartphone irrespective of where they are.

Utilising GPS technology, app functionality includes a map of the closest service and maintenance sites to their current location, service booking, nearby fuel locator and company fleet policy.

Arval Drive Challenge is a free mobile app available to all drivers designed to raise awareness of an individual’s driving behaviour and positively influence it.

Available on iPhone and Android platforms the tool measures speed, acceleration and braking on any given journey using the GPS on the phone.

At the end of a journey, areas for improvement are highlighted to the driver while good performance wins recognition and unlocks rewards.

Robert Pieczka, Business Development and Marketing Director at Arval, said: “We all lead busy lives and rely on technology to support the things that we do and the decisions that we make.

“The Arval Smart Experience is a direct response to this, providing a new suite of intelligent digital tools created around the needs of fleet managers and their drivers.

“The changing requirements of our customers and their drivers have been at the heart of the development of the Arval Smart Experience.

“Whether they are in the office or not, these tools will provide easy access to existing Arval services while also integrating innovative new applications which will enhance service quality and improve their experience with Arval.”

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