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BMW X5 retains UK’s most stolen car crown

Friday, May 2, 2014 - 12:00
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POPULAR: Thieves love the BMW X5

The BMW X5 has remained the UK’s most stolen and recovered car for the fifth straight year, figures from Tracker have revealed.

The BMW M3 and Mercedes C-Class were second and third in the dubious list, with the average value of cars stolen in 2013 a pricey £23,600.

Adrian Davenport, Police Liaison Officer at Tracker, said: “It’s clear from our latest figures that thieves continue to target prestige models with the most expensive car recovered being worth £90,000.

“The average value of the cars we recovered in 2013 was just £23,600, down on the average for the year before.

“This proves that you don’t have to be a luxury car owner to be at risk from thieves looking to make a quick profit.

“The best way to increase the likelihood of your vehicle being recovered, if it is stolen, is to invest in a tracking unit.”

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