EO & Grosvenor lead fleet industry toward zero emission future

Monday, June 17, 2019 - 09:23
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EO Charging, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers, has partnered with Grosvenor Leasing to lead the fleet industry toward a zero emissions future.

Designed to make the transition to electric as seamless as possible for fleet managers, the partnership will see the cost of an EO charger incorporated as an option into the overall lease cost of a vehicle. EO & Grosvenor Leasing will work hand-in-hand to assess the most suitable charging options for each vehicle or fleet, whether that be at work or at the driver’s home.

EO has developed a range of industry leading EV chargers including the EO Genius, a smart enabled charge-point that can connect to the EO Hub and communicate with the grid. Currently the most cost effective & scalable charging solution for fleets, the EO Genius is used by a number of companies including Sainsbury’s Online and Gnewt Cargo, operators of London’s largest fully electric final-mile delivery fleet

In 2017, Grosvenor Leasing launched ‘0Zone’, a service to advise and support companies looking to transition their fleet to zero or low emissions. ‘0Zone’ has achieved high acclaim since its launch, winning the 2018 Business Car award for best green initiative and offering advice, guidance and support to help companies with vehicle fleets navigate their way smoothly towards ultra-low emission and electric vehicles.

Ryan Spillane, Head of Commercial Sales of EO Charging, said: “The majority of fleets were born in the petrol or diesel era and so the transition to electric may feel like a daunting prospect for many fleet managers. With pressure mounting on the government to move the petrol and diesel car ban forward to 2030, it’s clear that the transition to electric fleets will happen much quicker than initially forecast.

“Partnering with Grosvenor allows us to share expertise and extend a helping hand to fleet managers that want the hassle removed from switching to electric.”

Mark Gallagher, Head of 0Zone at Grosvenor Leasing, said: “We see EO Charging as a key plug-in partner to our contract hire and fleet management offering. This partnership will allow us to extend our support to clients and ultimately facilitate the widespread adoption of low emission vehicles across the UK.

“Since launching 0Zone 2 years ago, 96% of all new vehicle policies created for customers include vehicles below 110 gsm/km, as well as ULEVs and EVs. The average CO2 for new vehicles delivered in 2018 was 102 gsm/km, and Grosvenor’s overall average is now 104 gsm/km CO2, and hybrid and electric vehicles now make up 26% of order intake.”

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