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Video: one ‘boy-racer’, £500,000 of da...

Aug 19, 2019Comments off

A London council wants to use new noise detection cameras to help catch nuisance motorists as they race through busy neighbourhoods. Kensington and Chelsea Council has put

Full sized McLaren Senna built out of LEGO!

Apr 04, 2019Comments off

If you are into LEGO and Supercars – then this is the kit for you! LEGO Speed Champions McLaren Senna It took over 400,000 LEGO

Watch the fastest school bus

Apr 03, 2019Comments off

This is the bus to have to ensure the kids get to school on time.

Smashing Up Cars for Fun

Jan 03, 2019Comments off

Wow! How did he manage that?

Aug 30, 2018Comments off

Can todays cars drive themselves?

Jun 22, 2018Comments off

Leading car safety expert Matthew Avery from Thatcham Research demonstrates what can happen when a driver becomes convinced that a current road car is capable