Worcester use changeable graphics system

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 09:43
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Spedian, the UK’s leading reusable vehicle graphics system, is helping Worcester Council advise residents about how to recycle their household waste in order to clamp down flocks of seagulls tarnishing one of England’s most historically acclaimed cities and the surrounding region.

Fifteen new bin lorries being used to spread the message about exactly what is, and what is not, acceptable in a manner borough residents can hardly fail to notice – on the sides of the council’s refuse trucks.

All fifteen trucks have been fitted with the lightweight quick change Spedian system which provides the council the flexibility to ring the changes that can work in conjunction with Worcester City Council’s seasonal campaigns.

Panels can be attached or removed in less than an hour, without damaging the vehicle or requiring any nuts, bolts, screws or rails, and can even be stored for later re-use.

An image of a seagull inside a ‘no symbol’ sign is displayed above the slogan ‘Don’t Feed the Gulls’. This has been fitted on two out of the fifteen Worcester City Council’s refuse vehicles that aims to encourage city residents and businesses to do what they can to reduce the impact of gulls in Worcester.

Kevin McFeeley, Transport Manager for Worcester City Council, said: “One of our biggest challenges is ensuring our residents know how to dispose of their recycling and waste correctly.

“Messages on refuse trucks are ideal because the vehicles are driving around the local area, going right our residents’ front doors. This means that messages on the sides of our vehicles are hard to miss.

“Seasonal campaigns can be very effective. We’re currently running one on the theme of ‘feed the bins, not the gulls’, and at the end of the year there will be one advising residents what to do with their Christmas trees.”

Because it leaves no sticky residue, or damage to the vehicle, behind, the Spedian™ vehicle graphics system is ideal for fleet operators who lease or hire vehicles, and those who wish to regularly update campaigns.

Another advantage of the system is that it has no visible frame – giving maximum impact to the graphics themselves.

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