Volvo’s Intuitive Technology Is The Right Choice

Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 13:50
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Volvo Xc90’s Intuitive Technology Is The Right Choice

CAE Technology Services, one of the UK’s most innovative resellers of technology and technology-based services, has taken delivery of six Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid SUVs for its board of directors.

Justin Harling, CAE Technology Services’ Managing Director said: “As a technology company, we spend a lot of time discussing the digital transformation and how we provide solutions to clients in an increasingly connected world. It strikes me that the technology in the XC90 has been carefully thought through in terms of what gets used on an everyday basis.

“The integration with Apple CarPlay and the Volvo On Call app is absolutely superb. It is my favourite app on the Apple Watch. On a cold morning, it is very satisfying to use my watch to pre-heat the car and prepare it for my next journey with just three button presses. The way my XC90 works with my watch is one of the best examples of how technology is changing the way we all live our lives.

“Furthermore, the personality of the brand through its design and performance attributes means the brand stands out on the road. I am proud to drive a Volvo.”

The financial and environmental performance of the XC90 T8 Twin Engine, which offers combined fuel economy of 134.5mpg and CO2 emissions of just 49g/km, was another key factor in the decision.

Harling said: “There was simply no other combination that came close to achieving what the XC90 does. To have an immensely practical family car, with great looks and performance, coupled with impressive eco credentials, made the choice one of the easiest many of us have ever had to make.

Sealing the deal was Volvo’s legendary reputation for innovation in safety. “The safety aspect is particularly important to me and my colleagues because we all have relatively young families,” continued Harling. “It is an area where we just want peace of mind, and that’s what Volvo brings. The integrated booster seat is a fantastic touch that has come in extremely handy.”

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