Tracking vital in improving driver safety, claim RAM

Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 12:00
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VITAL: Tracking systems boost driver safety

Tracking systems offer an ‘important and underused’ lifeline to improving driver safety, RAM Tracking have claimed.

Last year, 195,723 casualties occurred on the UKs roads, with one in four involving a business driver.

Furthermore, of the three million company cars currently in use, statistics show roughly one-third will be involved in a crash annually.

RAM Tracking say tracking systems can help identify any potential problems, which can then be addressed through training.

Skills developed in training can then help drivers improve the way they handle their vehicles, with collision and incident rates reduced and fuel savings of up to 15%.

Chris McClellan, CEO of RAM Tracking, said: “Many providers will design bespoke fleet-wide training courses focussing on specific problem areas found as a result of using vehicle tracking, with a wide variety of training available to suit specific company needs.

“This training can be implemented in-house, online or at external training centres, meaning less impact on the working day and ensuring drivers are up to speed on company motoring policies and understand the consequences of speeding or mobile phone use when driving.”