FTA issue Driver CPC deadline warning

Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 10:00
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WARNING: Driver CPC deadline three months away

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) have reminded operators that the deadline for the HGV Driver CPC is now just three months away.

Operators should book the relevant training for their drivers immediately, the FTA have warned, ahead of the September 10 deadline.

By this point, drivers must have completed the mandatory 35hours training in order to meet the approved Driver CPC standard.

In the UK, drivers can achieve the requisite 35hours training, in any year, up until the September deadline.

This was introduced to provide drivers and operators with maximum flexibility.

It has also meant, that apart from the most forward-thinking, the first two years of the cycle were slow to get going.

This, claim the FTA, has resulted in a significant minority in the industry now playing catch up.

At the beginning of 2014, the FTA saw an increase in the rate drivers registered for training, with almost 15,000 new drivers deciding it was time to make a start on Driver CPC registering in February alone.

June Powell, Director of Compliance Management at the FTA, said: “FTA members have been sensibly balancing the requirement to keep the Driver CPC training schedule on plan whilst not wanting to train all their drivers too soon and risk losing them to job-market competitors who may pay marginally more in wages.

“It’s also become apparent that FTA members are looking for courses which fit with their own business needs and ultimately will represent a return on investment.”

Ms Powell added: “The clear message from FTA to anyone who hasn’t completed their Driver CPC training yet – even if they haven’t started it – is that it’s not too late.

“We are ready and able to support and work with operators to ensure that they beat the September Driver CPC deadline, whether that be by course delivery or by providing the necessary material so that companies can do it themselves.

“The FTA message to anyone needing advice on Driver CPC is that we can help you to be ready in time.

“In addition to our public courses which run nationwide, FTA provides in company training which many operators find is a more cost effective way to train.”

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