Autoglass® launches new Total Calibration solution

Thursday, July 18, 2019 - 09:21
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Autoglass®, the UK’s leading vehicle glass repair and replacement company, has launched the new Over The Air calibration solution which adds to their existing market leading ADAS proposition. This addition now gives a Total Calibration Solution, providing the accident damage market with a complete solution for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) diagnostics, coding and calibration.

The latest addition to the Total Calibration Solution is powered by Over The Air, which provides direct access to OE manufacturer software. The Over The Air device connects to the internet and allows two-way communication between an ADAS trained technician at Autoglass® and a remote ADAS Master Technician who is able to access the OE manufacturer software, relay diagnosed faults, and provide the actions needed to calibrate. This removes the need for dealer calibration and provides an ADAS calibration service that minimises risk and improves the customer journey.

Currently, many bodyshops are struggling to keep up with the speed that new technologies are being introduced to UK cars. A recent review by Autoglass® of existing industry data on the bodyshop market showed that 28.7% of body repair businesses had turned down jobs due to the technology and repair techniques required. Bodyshops who partner with Autoglass® will be able to benefit from the solution.

This new Over The Air calibration solution will alleviate this pressure, as Autoglass® will now be able to provide a one appointment solution for parts coding and ADAS calibration for bodyshops. This improves the bodyshop’s customer journey by reducing key-to-key time and removes the need to purchase expensive calibration equipment and invest in training.

The solution was launched at the Autoglass®: LIVE event which was held at the Belron® Headquarters in Egham, Surrey. The event showcased the market leading capabilities from Autoglass® and Autoglass® BodyRepair. It was attended by senior executives from across the insurance, fleet, bodyshop and automotive industries.

Neil Atherton, Sales & Marketing Director, Autoglass® says: “Our new solution is the first of its kind and will have a significant impact on the aftermarket.

“Currently the ADAS market is highly fragmented, with vehicle manufacturers requiring different hardware, software and instructions for their ADAS. By providing us with direct access to OE manufacturer data this solution has made it easier than ever to code and calibrate vehicles’ sensors and get drivers back on the road safely.

“At Autoglass® we pride ourselves on our innovation, and we are delighted to be able to launch this game-changing solution that will help solve the ADAS conundrum for bodyshops across the UK. This new solution can allow bodyshops to play a full role in the market without huge expense or losing control of the customer journey.”

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