Highway Code

3 year driving study shows road danger caus...

Sep 02, 2019Comments off

Rule 126 of the Highway Code makes it clear enough. It is a legal requirement for drivers to maintain a safe distance – or ‘headway’

How hanging an air freshener or fluffy dice...

Aug 15, 2019Comments off

An air freshener hanging from your rear-view mirror could be enough to land you with a £1,000 fine and 3 points on your licence, police

The 2019 changes to driving laws that will ...

Jul 29, 2019Comments off

The recent new laws and regulations affecting Britain’s motorways and other major roads, the Highway Code, the official guide to the rules of the road,

10 driving offences you didn’t know were ...

Jun 03, 2019Comments off

Many driving offences are clearly defined. If you drive at a speed faster than the limit on a particular road, you’re breaking the law. If

Is it time to put the Highway Code on the N...

Mar 01, 2019Comments off

The Department for Education has been urged to add the Highway Code to the post-16 curriculum, to improve knowledge among new drivers and reduce road

Slow Down or Move Over Safely

Nov 09, 2018Comments off

Longstanding campaigners for the safety of roadside technicians and independent recovery operators, Allianz Partners, AXA Partners, LV= Britannia Rescue and Call Assist, applaud news that

Tailgaters risking lives in ‘avoidable’...

Sep 03, 2013Comments off

Millions of drivers leave too little stopping distance when in traffic, study finds

‘Appalling’ £17million-a-year ...

Aug 20, 2013Comments off

Road safety charity urge motorists to not take courtesy for granted in face of dangerous new scandal

Sharpen up! Shocking study shows 3,000 cras...

Aug 06, 2013Comments off

Brake insist all drivers should get their vision tested every two years, as three in four motorists shun regular checks

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