Highway Code

Not all motorists agree with the proposed H...

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Changes to the Highway Code are due to come into force on January 29 2022, pending approval from Parliament, which will give greater focus to

Autonomous Car

Are British roads capable of catering for a...

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This year, the UK became the first country to allow self-driving cars on motorways at low speed. The country is making incredible progress in the

Cyclists in London

Government gets Highway Code changes underw...

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A new hierarchy of road users, where those who can do the greatest harm have the greatest responsibility, has been included in changes to the

Automatic gear shifter in neutral

The potential fines & vehicle damage o...

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LeaseLoco surveyed just over 1,000 people (1,016) to reveal that 45% of respondents who drive admit to coasting. Coasting is where a driver drives with

Smokey exhaust

Motorists risk £40 fine for engine idling

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With COP26 fresh in our minds, everyone is seeking out simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing carbon emissions can play a huge part

A confusion of road signs

Highway Code confusion

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Changes are expected to be made to the Highway Code in early 2022 which will introduce a ‘hierarchy of road users’, with more vulnerable users

Highway Code

RHA “extremely concerned” as overhaul o...

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The government has forged ahead with its plan to overhaul the Highway Code, giving cyclists right of way at junctions and making HGV drivers bear

3 year driving study shows road danger caus...

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Rule 126 of the Highway Code makes it clear enough. It is a legal requirement for drivers to maintain a safe distance – or ‘headway’

How hanging an air freshener or fluffy dice...

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An air freshener hanging from your rear-view mirror could be enough to land you with a £1,000 fine and 3 points on your licence, police

The 2019 changes to driving laws that will ...

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The recent new laws and regulations affecting Britain’s motorways and other major roads, the Highway Code, the official guide to the rules of the road,