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Bus Driver using GPS

GPS tracking: pointing the fleet in the rig...

Sep 28, 2021Comments off

Transport and fleet managers have a tough job. The need to monitor and manage employees and assets, juggle customer demands and deliverables, ensure safety, keep

New GPS tracking system allows companies to...

Nov 23, 2018Comments off

Verizon Connect is expanding its fleet management system REVEAL with a solution that enables businesses in the UK to manage assets in addition to their

GPS Tracking Is Used To Recover Stolen Gene...

Sep 08, 2017Comments off

The value of having the right GPS tracking technology has been highlighted by its use to recover a stolen diesel generator worth £9,000.

Isotrak launch new vehicle tracking website

Sep 19, 2013Comments off

Telematics solutions company aim to provide comprehensive information bank for logistics and transport operators

Blind Veterans UK boost fleet travel servic...

Sep 09, 2013Comments off

Charity provide training, respite care and holidays at their Brighton, Llandudno and Sheffield centres

Fleets suffering ‘crippling’ fi...

Sep 03, 2013Comments off

Thousands of UK business car drivers unwittingly exposed to £3,000-a-year fines, warn RAM Tracking

Garmin target fleet management boost with n...

Aug 30, 2013Comments off

GPS leader enrich fleet ranks with two new appointments

‘Big mother, not Big Brother’: ...

Aug 27, 2013Comments off

Free online resource seeks to remind that GPS tracking can cut costs and boost productivity

‘Money up in smoke’: Idling cos...

Aug 21, 2013Comments off

'Horrifying' figures show idle-happy fleets are wasting £9.2million EVERY DAY

Sealed Air appoint Vertivia for UK car flee...

Aug 14, 2013Comments off

Mileage capture specialists Vertivia have been tracking 430-strong fleet since April