New GPS tracking system allows companies to manage assets in a smarter and more efficient way

Friday, November 23, 2018 - 09:26
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Verizon Connect is expanding its fleet management system REVEAL with a solution that enables businesses in the UK to manage assets in addition to their fleet of vehicles.

With the launch of the new GPS tracking system for assets, companies can gain insight into the location and performance of valuable assets such as cranes, trailers and excavators. As a result, they will be able to deploy their assets optimally, plan maintenance more efficiently and help reduce the risk of theft and other types of unauthorised usage.

Derek Bryan, EMEA Vice President, Verizon Connect: “At Verizon Connect, we are committed to ensuring that businesses in the UK have the tools to harness the power of data from every company asset. Many companies already rely on our solution to help them manage their vehicles and employees, but being able to track other valuable equipment and assets will further help them drive efficiencies, lower operational costs and improve their planning.”

Insight in location, usage and productivity assets

Similar to REVEAL’s system for vehicles, the new asset tracking system offers the ability to access data in both near real time and historically to understand where equipment is and where it has been. It is also possible to see if machinery is running and how often it is used. This gives users and managers insights into equipment utilization and determining which assets should be moved elsewhere within the organisation or perhaps cycled out of use.

Asset maintenance and control

REVEAL’s asset tracking solution also offers users a variety of options to help minimise theft risk and other unauthorised usage. For example, it is possible to set up alerts that send managers a warning when equipment is turned on or moved outside of working hours – or when machinery is moved outside of its designated location.

To help companies plan the maintenance of their assets more efficiently and maximise uptime, REVEAL’s asset tracking solution also enables companies to record when trailers and other equipment are due for maintenance. For each asset, the system keeps a log and alerts can be configured based on planned maintenance or predetermined options, including engine hours.

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