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‘Big mother, not Big Brother’: RAM launch myth-busting tracking technology guide

Tuesday, August 27, 2013 - 13:00
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BUSTING: RAM Tracking release new guide

RAM are launching a free myth-busting guide to tackle common misconceptions about money-saving tracking technology.

According to figures, vehicle tracking is proven to reduce fuel consumption by an average of £200 per month and increase productivity by 20%.

However, the GPS tracking provider claim fleet owners are still put off installing the technology by popular myths and misconceptions – hence the new online publication.

Through conversations with more than 3,000 RAM fleet customers, the tracking company have identified the top three misconceptions.

These are:

–     Costs outweigh benefits.
–     Tracking is unnecessary as fleet managers know where their drivers are at all times.
–     Too ‘Big Brother’.

RAM have produced a guide answering the myths above, separating fact from fiction when it comes to vehicle tracking.

The guide is available free of charge on RAM’s website and is designed to support fleet managers through the installation decision.

It outlines the business benefits of utilising vehicle tracking to reduce fleet overheads through close vehicle monitoring, increasing driver protection and enhancing the customer experience.

Chris McClellan, Director of RAM Tracking, said: “A business’ assets are its most valuable commodity whether they are based on site or operate remotely.

“For a fleet business, these assets are both the vehicles owned by the corporation and the employees who drive them to whom we have a duty of care.

“Through technology we can monitor a vehicle’s usage to accurately calculate operating costs and identify inefficiencies, such as mis-routing or habitual speeding which significantly increase fuel consumption.

“A tracking system is not a tool used to ‘catch out’ employees, rather it should be used to protect them.

“Fleets can use the technology to instantly identify any employee safety concerns including breakdowns, accidents or if a lone driver has been at a customer location longer than expected.

“Tracking should be seen as big mother taking care of employees rather than big brother scrutinisation.”

To download a copy of the guide, please visit here.

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