‘Money up in smoke’: Idling costing UK businesses £3.3BILLION a year in wasted fuel


WASTE: £3.3billion could be saved by fleets

Reducing idling time on the 4.5million commercial vehicles in UK and Ireland could save businesses £3.3billion every year, Fleetmatics have revealed.

Data from more than 331,000 tracked subscriber vehicles shows that LCVs operating without a fleet management solution will idle for 96minutes per day on average.

By implementing a GPS fleet tracking solution, SME fleet owners can reduce vehicle idle time by 25% on average, or 24minutes daily.

In 2011, it was estimated that only 860,000 (24.9%) of all commercial vehicles operating in the UK and Ireland had implemented a fleet management solution.

Based on this penetration rate, UK commercial vehicles are now saving 1.7million litres of fuel per day – nearly £2.3million.

However, if all commercial vehicles were to implement this technology, business could save a further five million litres of fuel – almost £7million.

This totals daily savings of 6.7million litres of fuel, or a massive £9.2million.

When translated annually these numbers could make an incredible impact on the UK and Ireland’s fuel dependency.

Annual fuel consumption could be reduced by 2,434,681,400litres, saving more than £3.3billion per year in fuel costs.

Richard Brooks, European Marketing Director at Fleetmatics, said: “While some idling of commercial vehicles is unavoidable, I think the research does highlight a massive problem for businesses in the UK and Ireland.

“Our customers are all SMEs and even small percentage points of profit on the bottom line matter.

“Business owners and operators I am sure will be horrified at the news that their money is being poured down the drain or more accurately is going up in smoke.

“Also, I’m sure that many people will want to look at their stats and compare our findings with what they are seeing in their business.

“Our data enables them to benchmark themselves and it’s a good example of the kind of business intelligence information modern businesses need.”

Fleetmatics gather approximately 32million data points per day, tracking vehicle activity and behaviour to provide actionable intelligence for customers.

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