Shell & Hoyer bring low-carbon diesel ...

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Shell has revealed details of a pilot fuel initiative it is undertaking in partnership with global specialist bulk logistics leader, HOYER, to help decarbonise its


E10 petrol set for September 2021 launch

Feb 26, 2021Comments off

Motorists across the UK are set to shift to a greener fuel with the introduction of E10 at petrol stations in September 2021. Following a consultation with drivers


Keeping the wheels turning in turbulent tim...

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Road haulage is one of the biggest global industries, propelled by technological developments, economic growth, globalisation and the road skills of generations of dedicated drivers.

Fueling Commercial Vehicles of the Future

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With commercial vehicle operators under more pressure than ever, they are faced with the day-to-day task of maximising profits, while ensuring they comply with current

Used cars holding value, but price growth e...

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Despite challenging market conditions, not least ongoing fuel type confusion and the consumer uncertainty surrounding Brexit, used cars continue to hold their value, with the

Five Top Tips to Save Cash on Fuel

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Motorists can save cash at the fuel pumps by taking advantage of five cost cutting pieces of advice aimed at Britain’s army of truck and

The Death Of Fossil Fuel Cars?

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Taking time out of their summer holiday, the next generation of young engineers and programmers from across the United Kingdom will take part in an

Speculation on ‘gas-guzzlers’ b...

Feb 05, 2015Comments off

High road tax for less efficient engines continues to outweigh any possible savings in fuel, despite pump prices falling to a five-year low.

Fuel price competition providing fleets wit...

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Increased competition in fuel prices is providing fleets with a real opportunity to make savings

Fuel’s Gold?

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Pump price plunges don’t mean a return to burning cash