Menzies Distribution finds safety & se...

Apr 11, 2019Comments off

With over 135,000 miles driven each day by the fleet, Menzies Distribution has chosen to implement the Connexas Group’s latest Verilocation vehicle CCTV system as

WATCH: CCTV footage shows reckless driving ...

Sep 05, 2014Comments off

Shocking footage released today shows the risk faced by people working to improve or maintain England’s motorways and major A roads. The video clip shows

Horror taxi attacks spark in-vehicle CCTV c...

Jan 23, 2014Comments off

Shocking figures show one cabbie is killed or seriously injured by vicious passengers every fortnight

RAM Tracking device hailed detective hero a...

Jun 07, 2013Comments off

Police seized stolen company van and private car when victim provided RAM location details

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