RAM Tracking device hailed detective hero after securing recovery of two stolen vehicles

Friday, June 7, 2013 - 12:15
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SWIPE: Car and van keys taken from victim’s home

A RAM vehicle tracking unit is being hailed a detective hero after helping secure the recovery of two stolen vehicles – and identify the criminals responsible.

Police tracked down the stolen company van and private car after the victim, a RAM customer, provided location details found on the online RAM Evolution system.

The customer had quickly located their vehicles after finding the keys to both had been swiped from their home.

Police recovered the van, car and their contents less than 24 hours later, also identifying the criminals using CCTV footage from along the vehicle route.

Chris McClellan, CEO and Co-Founder of RAM Tracking, said: “When talking about the benefits of tracking, we often focus on the efficiency and safety aspects, but stories like this one demonstrate its truly multifunctional purposes.

“The RAM Evolution system alerts our customers if a vehicle is making unscheduled movements so its location can be passed on to the police and in the majority of cases can be recovered unharmed.

“We’ve often found if one stolen vehicle is quickly recovered, thieves assume all vehicles taken in the same instance will also be using tracking devices – whether they are or not – so it effectively safeguards more than just the vehicle it’s installed in.

“Knowing the exact location and route travelled by a stolen vehicle is valuable information for the authorities, allowing them to use CCTV cameras and witness appeals in finding and bringing to justice those responsible for the crime.”

RAM Evolution is RAM’s market-leading cloud-based tracking solution, which allows customers to track anywhere from a single vehicle up to hundreds of units.

Individual GPS tracking devices are installed in each vehicle, with all data submitted to the online system.

This enables businesses to monitor all vehicles and download efficiency reports at the touch of a button.

Image courtesy of Bedfordshire Police, with thanks.