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Licence Checking

Driver Hire announce enhanced service

Mar 23, 2015Comments off

Two important enhancements to its dh Licence Check service

Fleets shouldn’t wait for the paper c...

Mar 19, 2015Comments off

Get it done ASAP warn Licence Bureau

Dealer fleet use expected to spring forward...

Feb 16, 2015Comments off

Dealers typically increase fleets in time for the arrival of new registrations in March.

Jaama predict increased demand for driver l...

Jan 30, 2015Comments off

Many employers continue to undertake checks internally themselves by looking at the document, but the Government’s decision to axe the paper counterpart means that will

2015 sees patriotic driving licences introd...

Jan 06, 2015Comments off

A sample of the new photocard Union Jack to be featured along with EU flag on licences British motorists will soon be able to fly

Driving Licence counterpart removal delayed

Dec 11, 2014Comments off

“The system the Government is currently proposing is not suitable for business needs.” It has now been announced that the removal of the counterpart to

DVLA and MIB launch the MyLicence service

Dec 09, 2014Comments off

The launch of MyLicence is an important step in allowing motor insurers access to driver information DVLA and the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) have announced

Privacy at the forefront as DVLA portal goe...

Nov 12, 2014Comments off

An offence will be committed if a driver’s personal records are accessed unlawfully New online ‘View Driving Licence’ service allows drivers to check personal records

Licence checking at the heart of business s...

Nov 03, 2014Comments off

With a fleet of 2,200 cars, vans and trucks, accurate licence checking is a must With a fleet of 2,200 cars, vans and trucks, accurate

Drivers set to save £150m as driving licen...

Oct 27, 2014Comments off

Drivers will save up to £150m over the next ten years Driving licence fees will fall by up to 32% Drivers will save up to

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