Fleet Safety Survey Results

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 10:01
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The results of our annual fleet safety survey sponsored by Licence Bureau have been announced. The survey focusing on vulnerable road users saw over 100 fleet representatives employing 413,000 at-work drivers and managing more than 1.05 million vehicles complete the survey answering questions on policy, driver awareness programmes, their use of technology and training, and how they protect vulnerable road users within their organisations.

The results found that 79% of survey respondents believe their organisation could do more to raise awareness among their workforce of the dangers that cyclists and motorcyclists face.

Other key findings included one in four organisations prioritise meeting delivery targets over road safety and only 36% of respondents think current mandatory vehicle safety features are adequate and do enough to protect vulnerable road users.

Mike Reed, Marketing Director at Licence Bureau, said: “We at Licence Bureau have over the last fifteen years helped to drive change in the road safety arena either directly or indirectly as is the case with our support of the Brake Fleet Safety Survey. I hope fleet and safety managers will benefit by looking at the survey recommendations that can help improve or allow them at least to reflect on whether their existing level of vulnerable road user risk management is more than adequate.”

The complete Fleet Safety Survey report is available as a free resource for Brake Professional members

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