Licence Check and Airmax in data integration agreement

Licence Check

Terry Hiles, General Manager at Licence Check

Licence Check and Airmax Remote, have announced a data integration partnership agreement which will provide enhanced driver behaviour information based on telematics feedback to help improve driver safety.

Licence Check customers will be able to receive enhanced driver information through the award-winning Driver and Vehicle Information Solution, DAVIS, its highly acclaimed cloud solution that helps manage driver and vehicle fleet compliance for both company vehicles and the grey fleet.

This new agreement will see Licence Check integrate driver behaviour information data gained through telematics into the DAVIS platform to enhance the award-winning driver risk profiling service that is available within the solution.

At the same time, Airmax will become a Licence Check reseller using the Davis Application Programming Interface (API) which allows applications to communicate with one another.

Airmax Remote Managing Director, Richard Perham, said “We are delighted to be working with Licence Check to enhance both of our core telematics platforms with integrated complementary datasets.

“This builds on our existing long-term, preferred telematics partner relationship with Ebbon-Dacs, the owner of Licence Check, and is an exciting opportunity for both companies to add value to their services.”

Terry Hiles, General Manager at Licence Check, now part of the Ebbon-Dacs Group, said: “We are very pleased to see Airmax becoming a Licence Check reseller and look forward to offering our customers enhanced driver behaviour information to support their efforts to improve work place driver safety.

“The integration we are developing with Airmax within DAVIS will be suitably agnostic so that all customers that use telematics will have the option of receiving the enhanced information regardless of their telematics provider.”

Last October, DAVIS functionality was improved with the launch of Fleet File, which provided users with a database for managing their fleet vehicles, including company cars and pool vehicles.

At the same time, a new accident recording feature allowed Fleet File users to document accidents against a specific vehicle and a named driver to provide greater insight into the most at-risk drivers as part of an ongoing risk management process.

This allowed the award-winning Driver Risk Score feature within DAVIS to be reconfigured to calculate the associated risk of a particular accident so that a driver’s individual risk score was automatically updated.

The new data agreement is being seen as the opportunity to provide additional data and information to the driver safety features that Licence Check is able to offer users through DAVIS.

Most recently, Licence Check has introduced new ways of ‘onboarding’ drivers into DAVIS, allowing firms to carry out checks of drivers more quickly so that any issues with their licences can be instantly identified.

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