Driver Training/Safety

Applied Driving achieves record levels of g...

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Applied Driving, the global provider of driver safety and performance management solutions, had a record year in 2022. Following a 24% increase in its UK

Huge increase in commercial vehicle driver ...

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RED Corporate Driver Training reports significant rise in commercial vehicle driver training due to post lockdown delivery job demand More employers are looking to upskill

Push to increase diversity in HGV driving

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In recent years there has been an increase in women looking to become HGV drivers. In 2011/12, just 6.7% of all HGV test passes were

Trucksters launches initiative to support l...

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Lorry drivers are subject to extreme working conditions making their profession a high-risk health activity, especially mental health with problems including stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue,

Croydon haulier’s training scheme puts ne...

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A London-based logistics specialist has invested in training local talent to overcome the region’s HGV driver shortage. ELB Partners, which is based in Croydon, has

learner drivers

Campaign for harsher penalties on those who...

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Driving instructors from up and down the UK are backing a nationwide campaign which aims to impose harsher penalties on road users who abuse learner

Potential for chaos if novice drivers allow...

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Government plans that could see novice drivers being allowed to automatically drive lorries have been condemned by the UK’s leading independent road safety charity, IAM

Up to £100 million boost to improve HGV ro...

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Lorry drivers will benefit from improved and safer rest areas and roadside facilities thanks to up to £100 million investment from industry and Government, the

Why telematics can help transform fleet ris...

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Telematics can help fleets transform their risk profile, and the technology is available in more formats and price points than ever. Evidence suggests that most

Motorway with city in distance

VisionTrack calls for action to eliminate w...

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The UK’s leading video telematics provider has launched a fleet risk reduction campaign, calling on fleet operators to prioritise safety. The road transport sector needs