Tusker chief hails electric fleets after Leaf trial

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 10:00
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GREAT: Tusker chief hails EVs

The CEO of Tusker is advocating the merits of electric fleets after driving a Nissan Leaf 5,000miles in six months.

David Hosking claimed he wanted to understand first-hand the merits and pitfalls of electric vehicles, so decided to take a Leaf as an interim company car.

To get the full experience of driving an electric vehicle, he drove the Leaf on a 38mile regular commute twice a day without major mishap.

He recharged the vehicle at no-cost at a special charging point close to Tusker’s car park during the day, available though Source London.

With a £5,000 government grant, low recharging costs and 0% Benefit-in-Kind taxation, rising to 5% from 2015-16, EVs’ low running costs only make sense for regular users, claims Mr Hosking.

“There is little doubt in my mind that EVs have a use within a corporate environment,” he said.

“They are ideal for the daily commute provided the range is limited to around 70miles per journey and there is access to a charging point during the day.

“There is a belief in some quarters that EVs are only suitable for short, occasional journeys but my view is that they are more relevant for short, repeated journeys, such as the regular commute to work.

“Then, the very low running costs make a lot of sense against the higher front-end costs that the EVs currently incur.

“I was running the Leaf at practically zero cost compared to my previous diesel car which cost around £60 a week in fuel for the same journeys.

“However, I don’t think EVs are always appropriate for a typical field-based national sales force that travels the country, because they may not have the necessary range so you would need to make sure there were fast charging points en route.

“But for a sales rep working from an office in a city with only short journeys to see clients, and with ready access to recharging, then EV use would be ideal for them.”