‘They’re just revenue raisers’: Speed camera support DOWN in 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 - 09:00
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SCEPTIC: Speed camera support drops

Speed cameras are still supported by most motorists, a study has found – but scepticism surrounding the devices has grown over the past 12months.

Research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has discovered that 80% of motorists accept the use of speed cameras – down 1% on 2012.

A sizeable 79% believe speed cameras are useful in reducing injuries, a fall of 6% from last year’s findings.

Meanwhile, 52% of drivers do not believe cameras are sited only at locations where accidents happen, with almost half of drivers believing they exist primarily to make money.

Simon Best, Chief Executive of the IAM, said: “Speed cameras are a successful road safety solution at key crash sites and it’s important that the government and safety camera partnerships work to maintain a positive view so that the rising suspicion amongst motorists does not become a trend.

“During times of austerity, drivers are increasingly seeing speed cameras as revenue raising apparatus and are sceptical of their importance for road safety.”

Image courtesy of David Bleasdale from England, with thanks.


  1. Speed cameras are a very blunt instrument that generally only catch drivers not from the area, locals simply know their location and slow down before immediately returning to their earlier and often higher speed.
    Accidents are caused by bad driving, and speed is only one of the factors in this. Inattentiveness, no spatial awareness, music too loud, poor ability, etc undoubtedly cause more accidents.
    Improve driver training, more police presence, and more warnings given for poor driving. Only then will driving standards improve and accidents reduce.

  2. Speed cameras reduce speeds and this reduces accidents and severity
    Some accidents happen at black-spots which should be a priority for cameras. But many accidents are random and unpredictable so cameras are needed just to give the idea to drivers that they should not speed.
    Of course it would be better to train drivers not to speed anyway – it does not save time on most trips

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