Stolen Citroën LCV Fast Recovery Thanks to Teletrac

Friday, December 11, 2015 - 09:59
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The unique Citroën Teletrac Navman telematics platform has proved its stolen LCV recovery credentials again – following the theft of a brand new Dispatch van.  The platform, which includes Smartnav intelligent sat-nav and Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking is fitted as standard to all Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay panel vans. It has enabled 94% of all Citroën LCVs stolen to date in 2015 to be recovered on average within two hours.

The new Citroën Dispatch van, which was stolen on 9 December, had just been collected from supplying dealer Citroën Redditch by the customer the day before. Overnight, thieves broke into the customer’s house, stole the keys and drove the Dispatch away.  Once the customer discovered the theft, the van was reported stolen to Teletrac Navman’s Cranfield HQ and tracked by the standard-fit Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking system.  This enabled West Mercia police to recover it within an hour of notification.

Statistically, thefts of Citroën LCVs are becoming far less common thanks to their range of standard security equipment, including engineimmobilisers, deadlocks and steering locks backed up by the Trackstar stolen vehicle system, incorporated in the unique Citroën telematics package.

What few thefts there are now of Citroën LCVs are virtually all the result of either the keys being left in the vehicle or thieves breaking into the customer’s premises to steal the keys.

Jeremy Smith, Citroën’s Head of Commercial Vehicles & Business Sector Operations, comments “We are delighted the unique Citroën telematics package has again resulted in a stolen Citroën LCV being recovered by the police within the hour. Citroën is the only LCV manufacturer in the UK to offer this efficiency, security and safety boosting package on its LCVs.”

Citroën’s advanced Teletrac Navman Smartnav system not only provides detailed navigation but also works out routes to avoid traffic congestion. It does this using live traffic information gathered from Trafficmaster’s network of roadside cameras to calculate the optimum route.

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