‘Self-serve’ daily rental grows 10% in 12months

Thursday, October 3, 2013 - 14:00
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GROWTH: ‘Self-serve’ daily rental up 10%

‘Self-serve’ daily rental volumes are 10% higher than 12months ago, Epyx have claimed.

The concept, where fleets both book and manage their own rental requirements online through dedicated sites created by rental providers, is tracked by Epyx’s 1link Hire Network.

Epyx’s e-commerce platform is used by hundreds of fleets to transact online with short and long-term rental providers and their partnered rental suppliers.

In self-serve scenarios, daily rental providers use 1link Hire Network to brand dedicated microsites in the names of their customers.

This allows the end user to directly control bookings, management, reporting, driver access and other important aspects of rental in a familiar environment online.

David Wallace, Sales and Business Development Director at Epyx, said: “Self-serve is very much the key growth trend in online daily rental at the moment.

“It is a win-win situation for both the end client and the rental provider.

“The fleet gets closer, easier and faster control of their rental bookings while the rental provider can cut overheads because there is a reduced need for central reservations resource.

“In parallel, this ability also strengthens the rental provider’s proposition, supporting further growth.

“We have some daily rental providers using 1link Hire Network that are now receiving more than 95% of their daily rental bookings from fleets through this route.

“It is proving to be very effective.”

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