Road users urged to tackle rise in cyclist accidents

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 11:03
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10% rise in the number of cyclists killed or injured

10% rise in the number of cyclists killed or injured on the roads in the past year

DriveSafe is calling on all road users to improve their awareness, attitude and skills in the run up to Road Safety Week (November 17-23).

The latest Department for Transport figures show that 3,530 cyclists died or suffered serious injuries in the 12 months to June.

In the same period 9,000 drivers and car passengers were killed or seriously injured – an increase of 4%. So too were 5,510 motorcyclists – up 7%.

They are urging drivers to make a greater effort to look out for cyclists as the winter evenings draw in and the temperatures drop creating visibility issues, releasing their ten top tips to help motorists:

  • With the sun lower in the sky, ensure you have a full and clear field of vision
  • Have a pair of sunglasses at hand if the sun is likely to dazzle you
  • Allow extra time before leaving home to clear all ice or snow from your car
  • Check all your lights are working so a cyclist can see you in gloomy weather
  • Check your tyres have enough tread – at least 3mm is recommended for winter
  • Take note of any blackspots on your journey and take extra care at them
  • Match your speed to the conditions
  • Take extra care in manoeuvring if roads are slippery
  • Take more time in looking out for cyclists at junctions in low light conditions
  • Be aware of cyclists coming up the side of your car behind you as you turn right

DriveSafe Founder Fay Goodman said: “The latest road accident figures are appalling and can’t simply be explained away by increased usage of the roads in warmer spring weather this year, as the Department for Transport has suggested. We need […] greater courtesy, consideration and understanding between different road users.”

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