Public Sector Fleets Increasingly Using Software To Maximise Value From Assets

Wednesday, August 10, 2016 - 16:40
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Public sector fleets are increasingly turning to software to help them maximise value from their vehicles, plant and other assets, says Chevin Fleet Solutions.

The company says that a growing number of public sector fleets on its client list have bought specialist fleet software for this reason, including several recent deals.

Managing director Ashley Sowerby said:

“The most common question we are asked by public sector fleets is ‘we are being asked to achieve more with less resources – how can you help us?’

“Providing answers to this question has led us to sign a significant number of recent deals and this trend shows no signs of slowing, especially as there is no indication of a relaxation over public spending cuts.”

With fleet representing a major expense for public sector bodies, Ashley explained, key areas where fleet software has helped public sector organisations drive improvements include cost control, compliance, vehicle availability and workshop management:

“Many public sector organisations such as councils and emergency services have in-house workshops, and it’s important for them to ensure maximum vehicle and plant uptime, as well as making scheduling as efficient as possible.

“Fleet management software can help these organisations measure and understand how their assets are being used, and streamline the processes surrounding them.

“It’s all about making sure that vehicles and plant, which are often highly specialised in the public sector, are available where and when needed.”

Ashley added that Chevin’s track record in public sector fleets meant that it had valuable experience of which managerial ideas worked most effectively.

“These fleets are very keen on sharing best practice ideas and we have often worked to facilitate this. The feedback that we get from our public sector clients is very positive.”

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