Pick Everard To Become First National Member Of SmartGo WorkPlace Travel Network

Friday, September 9, 2016 - 12:36
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Pick Everard

Pick Everard, the leading multi-professional construction consultancy, will become the first national member of the UK-wide Smartgo workplace travel network. Pick Everard was the very first business member of the first local Smartgo network in the country in Leicester. To celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2016, the company is offering Smartgo membership benefits to over 450 staff across its 11 offices in the UK.

Smartgo has been developed and coordinated by Go Travel Solutions to assist workplaces with commuting and business travel. Smartgo provides employers with a range of business benefits including reduced business costs, carbon management planning, reduced car parking demand, enhanced business reputation, and improved staff recruitment and retention. 

Smartgo can also provide staff with benefits through cost savings as well as enjoying better health and wellbeing, and reductions in their carbon footprint through more walking, cycling, car sharing and use of public transport.

Alastair Hamilton, partner at Pick Everard said, “Our focus as a business has always been on supporting our staff; attracting and retaining high calibre staff is an essential part of our ongoing success. Smartgo has provided invaluable help over the years to enable us to develop a wide range of workplace travel solutions that not only enhance the broad range of benefits we give to our staff, it also generates wider business benefits in reducing travel costs, improving the health and well-being of our staff and helping us to achieve our carbon reduction targets.”

Robin Pointon, Managing Director of Go Travel Solutions added: “It’s fantastic news that the company who were one of the pioneers of our Smartgo networks back in 2009 has now decided to roll out membership opportunities to all of its UK staff. Their early participation was a great influencer for engagement with other local businesses and with the local authorities, and this national membership coincides with a rapidly growing base of national travel offers for Pick Everard’s staff to access.”


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