LeasePlan launch new EV initiative

Monday, May 12, 2014 - 15:00
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LAUNCH: Nissan Leaf available to clients

LeasePlan are launching a new initiative designed to encourage clients to consider leasing pure electric vehicles.

The campaign – ‘Take a Leaf Out of Our Book’ – will see LeasePlan make a number of Nissan Leafs available to clients for a risk-free three month trial period from June 1.

Designed to showcase the benefits of EVs to clients who may not have previously considered them viable, the initiative marks LeasePlan’s 150th EV on fleet.

Drivers of the Leafs will be encouraged to provide detailed feedback on performance throughout the trial period.

Ian Marson, Strategy Director at LeasePlan, said: “LeasePlan has long championed electric vehicles, and we’ve been leading the charge in promoting their adoption across our client fleets.

“This initiative will allow us to show exactly why we believe these vehicles can be such a great addition to a fleet, and hopefully we’ll dispel some electric vehicle myths along the way.

“Greener fleets are the future and the move to ultra-low emission vehicles has the potential to have huge environmental and financial benefits for the user, and indeed the wider population.”

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