Record-high number of clocked cars plaguing UK roads

Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 13:30
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PROBLEM: More cars than ever have been clocked

A record-high number of cars in the UK could display a false mileage reading, vehicle history experts HPI have claimed.

In 2013, HPI recorded a 3% jump in the number of mileage discrepancies, ending the recent drop which seemingly signalled that drivers were winning the war against fraudsters.

The figure means, based on official used car sales figures data, as many as 486,000 vehicles on UK roads could have false readings.

Clocking a car – adjusting the mileage reading to make it worth more – has been around for several years.

HPI claim the introduction of digital odometers made it easier, as they remove the traditional tell-tale signs.

There has also been a surge in the number of ‘mileage correction firms’ popping up that would alter a vehicle’s mileage, no questions asked.

“These are really shocking statistics and represent a worrying trend.”

Shane Teskey, HPI

Shane Teskey, Senior Consumer Services Manager for HPI, said: “These are really shocking statistics and represent a worrying trend.

“Dodgy sellers will take advantage of any angle they can when offloading a car and clocking is one of the easiest ways they can make a fatter profit.

“In fact, research we conducted with CAP last year found that popular models such the VW Golf can double in value if they have 60,000miles wound down.

“But it’s not just an issue of money with clocked cars, there is also a safety concern.

“Any vehicle that has done a lot more miles than the owner realises could have components that have been excessively worn, even if it looks okay to the naked eye.

“Plus these cars are likely to have missed out on their scheduled servicing, meaning a mechanic missing vital signs of wear and tear.”

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