Goodyear Tyres warns drivers: ‘Donut Ignore the Signs’

Monday, April 23, 2018 - 11:57
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The confusion over what to look and feel for when routinely checking tyres for signs of conditions is not unfamiliar. But a new campaign has recruited an unlikely ally to boost tyre safety knowledge amongst drivers.

Goodyear Tyres has launched ‘Donut Ignore the Signs’ – a campaign designed to educate drivers on the signs and symptoms of unhealthy tyres and encourage them to commit to the habit of checking their tyres once a month.

When fleet and commercial vehicles are off-road, it directly impacts service levels and bottom lines, so minimising vehicle downtime is a priority. Committing to regular tyre checks, for drivers and fleet managers, will help ensure vehicles are safe, with a reduced risk of breakdowns and accidents.

Poor tyre maintenance was the most common reason for car accidents in the UK in 2016 (DfT*), and whilst it’s natural for tyres to change over time, there is a clear unease when it comes to checking their health.

New research** from Goodyear Tyres has also revealed that more than a quarter (27 per cent) of people don’t know what the legal minimum tread depth limit is for their tyres, while a further 28 per cent haven’t a clue what the purpose of an EU tyre label is.

The six donut metaphors present the most common unhealthy tyre conditions in a clear, visual way, helping with the difficulties of at-home tyre checks.

David Morris, Business Account Manager – Fleet & Public Sector, Goodyear Tyres, comments: “Ultimately, it is down to the motorist to ensure that their tyres are in good health, but many drivers struggle to easily identify dangerous tyre conditions.

“By presenting potential tyre conditions in a playful image, our hope is that drivers will become more in-tune with their rubber and feel confident to complete at-home or at-work checks”.

Drivers and fleet managers can join in the conversation on social media using #DonutIgnoreTheSigns

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Facebook: Goodyear.UK

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