Epyx Offering Audit Trail To Prove ADAS Safety

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 13:50
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epyx is offering a new service that allows fleets to create an audit trail for recalibration of any Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) fitted to their cars or vans.

ADAS covers a wide range of safety technologies including lane departure, radar cruise control, automatic headlights, road sign identification and even semi-autonomous driving.

Following maintenance or especially when windscreens are being replaced, the equipment often requires expert recalibration, and fleets need to prove this has been carried out satisfactorily to meet duty of care requirements.

Tim Meadows, commercial director at epyx, said: “ADAS equipment is starting to make its way onto more and more fleet vehicles and from 2020 will form part of the standard NCAP safety tests, which will probably prompt a sudden increase in adoption.

“This equipment is quite sensitive and if it has been moved or refitted for any reason, it needs recalibration by a trained technician, usually at a franchise dealer with the right diagnostic equipment. If this doesn’t happen, it may not work properly, potentially jeopardising driver and road user safety.

“What we are offering – and is already actually in use by a couple of our clients – is to use our 1link Service Network platform to create a complete audit trail that fleets can incorporate into their risk management procedures.

“If, in the unfortunate event of an accident, a fleet does find themselves under investigation, they’ll be able to provide a complete record of the ADAS recalibration for audit.”

epyx’s 1link Service Network e-commerce platform is currently used by fleets totalling more than three million vehicles to manage and control service and maintenance with 18,000 UK suppliers, including independent garages, fast fits and franchise dealers.

“Because so many fleets and franchise dealers are already well-established users of 1link, adopting the platform to manage ADAS audit trails makes perfect sense.”

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