Environment Agency slash emissions with Hitachi Capital

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 14:00
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SLASHED: Environment Agency goes greener

Cutting-edge engine technologies and more efficient employee communication methods are helping the Environment Agency slash the average CO2 and size of their 3,442-strong car fleet.

Over the past year, the Agency have cut the average fleet CO2 figure to 115g/km – a 10% drop – while the average CO2 of new cars is just 106g/km.

To put these figures into perspective, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ (SMMT) statistics for 2012 show the average car purchased is at 133.1g/km.

The cut has been achieved in conjunction with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, who provide contract hire with maintenance to the entire fleet.

Dale Eynon, Head of Fleet Operations at the Environment Agency, said a lot of time is spent looking at ways of reducing emissions and the vehicle fleet size.

“We encourage the majority of our employees to look at whether they can use public transport or phone conferencing first before making a car journey,” he said.

“BT Live Meeting which adds a visual element to audio conferencing is proving very beneficial to our employees around the country as it cuts down the need to travel but still keeps us in touch with colleagues and external suppliers.

“Our fleet has reduced by 11% or 500 vehicles over the past year, but we still keep looking at new ways of reducing our impact on the environment.”

Currently Mr Eynon and his team are trialling electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids on their pool car fleet, as well as alternative fuels such as bio fuels.

He is also looking at the positive impact of telematics on reduced fuel use and believes petrol engines now make more sense to fleets.

“Some of the new petrol engine engines being launched are capable of 50mpg and with unleaded still a few pence per litre cheaper than diesel we will definitely be adding more petrols to our fleet over the coming months, especially for the low mileage users,” added Mr Eynon.

“Currently our small car CO2 emissions limit is 100g/km and in the next couple of years it would be good to see the total fleet average closer to that figure.”

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