Benfield Contract Motoring switch to Michelin tyres in long-term cost-cutting drive

Thursday, May 30, 2013 - 11:18
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SWITCH: Tyre change to reduce costs

Contract hire and leasing company Benfield Contract Motoring are switching to Michelin tyres in a long-term attempt to reduce downtime and costs.

The north-east based organisation, which leases cars and vans to businesses of all sizes, are transforming their tyre policy to combat expenditure associated with frequent tyre replacement.

Benfield have begun to convert their fleet from mid-range tyres to Michelin and will continue to replace their current fitments as wear dictates over the next year.

They aim to have approximately 80% of their fleet converted by 2013.

Carl Moffett, General Manager of Benfield Contract Motoring, said he expects to see significantly improved mileage as a result of the swap.

“Our ethos is to provide quality of service and flexibility to our customers, which means keeping cars on the road instead of in the workshop getting their tyres changed,” said Moffett, who initiated the change after recently joining Benfield.

“Traditionally the company has opted for mid-range tyres as they are cheaper initially.

“However, after working with Michelin over the past year we have identified whole life savings due to the longevity of its tyres.

“Introducing a Michelin policy across our fleet means we will we be replacing fewer tyres because of their improved wear capabilities, and we will also be providing a better service to our customers.”

Part of the Benfield Motor Group, the company – which has doubled its fleet size over the last three years – supply an extensive range of vehicles across the UK.

Benfield have also recently launched Flexicar, a new sacrifice car scheme, as part of ambitious expansion plans.

Moffett believes switching to a Michelin policy means customers can be reassured of the quality and safety of their tyres.

“Michelin produces premium products to match our premium service, so employees and employers alike can be sure they will be getting one of the safest tyres on the market with both our contract hire and salary sacrifice services,” he said.

Michelin is present in more than 170 countries, has more than 113,000 employees and operates 69 production plants in 18 different countries.

Image courtesy of Le Mans Live Michelin, with thanks.

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