In-Car Cleverness puts business needs in the driving seat

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 15:33
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New developments to firmware mean ICC is easily transferable between vehicles

In-Car Cleverness (ICC) have anounced that their vehicle-to-business software unit will now be fully transferable between vehicles, making it an even neater solution for corporate, leasing and rental businesses.

Not only is ICC now a more nimble device that can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle, its firmware has been upgraded so that it can be tailored to specific business objectives and needs. With increased adaptability, ICC can now be offered to suit the individual requirements of customers.

ICC commercial director, Tim Eaves, said: “We identified some time ago that part of the reason that corporate firms were being slow on the uptake with telematics was because they didn’t really understand what was available to them. We are now addressing that and the way we extract and package our data means that we can talk to businesses individually about exactly what they want.”

One corporate customer wanted the ability to plot the journeys of different employee types via a simple colour-coding system which appears on the ICC user portal – this allows the business run a smoother service by identifying the employee who is best-placed geographically to respond to a call, further enhancing overall efficiency.

Eaves added: “This kind of flexibility and versatility adds value to ICC’s overall proposition and reflects our assertion that the industry has moved on from pure telematics; it is now about genuine vehicle relationship management and being able to adapt to different business needs.”

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