MINI moving into fleet sales with 5-door hatch?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 17:00
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The MINI 5-door

Is the all-new MINI 5-Door Hatch their first step into the fleet industry?

Featuring an entirely new body style for the range, MINI’s signature exterior design language has been adapted for the new model – the two rear doors enhance its versatility and, coupled with increased interior space, its appeal to a fresh group of customers who will further expand the MINI family.

This second body variant of the new MINI features a characteristically sporty profile, with a wheelbase that is 72mm longer than the MINI 3-Door Hatch – all of the extra length has been used to create more cabin space and allows for the inclusion of a central rear seat, making the car a true five-seater.

With this in mind, the extra practicality of the new model represents a strong opportunity for MINI to expand its presence into the fleet sector, as many fleet lists preclude vehicles with only three doors.

The brand’s strong position in terms of BIK, RV and whole life cost – coupled with the appeal of MINI to end-users – means sustainable growth is possible, with this potentially coming through large fleets via direct sales agreements and small fleets using the MINI Business Partnership Programme and leasing.

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