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Net Zero

Net Zero: White vans go green

Sep 25, 2020Comments off

New research published by UK100, a group of mayors and local government leaders today shows that a “retrofit army” of nearly half a million builders,

Insurance broker

Insurance broker on a mission to create ‘...

Jan 09, 2020Comments off

Specialist van fleet insurance broker McCarron Coates, the insurance partner for the Freight Transport Association’s Van Excellence scheme, is tackling risk within van fleets by

White Van Man not so crazy after all

Jun 21, 2018Comments off

IAM RoadSmart has discovered that the myth of ‘white van man’ recklessly tearing his way up and down the country may be just an urban

THREE IN FOUR van drivers insist they are B...

Sep 12, 2013Comments off

TomTom study also finds 75% of work drivers speed and a shocking 15% text at the wheel