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Transport Committee

Charging Infrastructure

Charging an electric vehicle should be conv...

Jul 29, 2021Comments off

In Zero emission vehicles, published today, MPs on the Transport Committee deliver a set of recommendations to Government to boost the production and purchase of

smart motorways

MPs to scrutinise future of smart motorways

Mar 01, 2021Comments off

The Transport Committee has launched a new inquiry into the safety of smart motorways. Smart motorways, which use variable speed limits and hard shoulder running

Road Safety

Government’s approach to road safety unde...

Mar 18, 2019Comments off

The Transport Committee has launched a new inquiry into road safety – and is keen to hear from road safety professionals and members of the

Councils must publish parking revenue accou...

Oct 24, 2013Comments off

Transport Committee urges local authorities to publish annual reports to show how income is utilised

Government seek evidence in strategic road ...

Sep 18, 2013Comments off

Transport Committee want to hear your thoughts following the Spending Review and 'Action for Roads' command paper

Spending Review: Automotive industry reacts...

Jun 27, 2013Comments off

Chancellor George Osborne plans 'largest programme of road investment for half a century'