CV SHOW: A food haulage revolution on the cards?

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 09:46
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Brian Seymour extoles the virtues of SMI’s new range

Seymour Manufacturing International (SMI) launches its new Back-Stop and Bus-Stop range

With industry experts saying the new range has the potential to revolutionise the frozen and chilled food haulage industry, Ruskim Seafoods Limited, Europe’s number one importer of quality meat, seafood and poultry has been field testing SMI’s insulated curtain system in one of the trucks.

With a fleet of more than 90 refrigerated delivery vehicles, Ruskim’s transport manager Lee Shropshire says: “We immediately saw its potential for giving us flexible, multi-temperature zones in our vehicles which could be moved up and down the bulkhead to reflect the wide variety of food products we now handle.”

“There is no doubt that this product has the potential to revolutionise the way in which companies such as Ruskim operate. It is light years ahead of any similar products on the market right now.”

So what are Bus-Stop and Back-Stop? They are a family of insulated flexible barriers designed to reduce energy loss from the back of a chilled or frozen vehicle.

The door curtain system, using SMI’s celebrated Tempro thermal insulation, conserves significant amounts of energy by retaining chill.

Bus-Stop consists of four movable insulated curtains, fitted on a sliding bar mounted below the truck ceiling, allowing it to be moved from the back, to the front of the truck as required.

The bar is locked in position by a spring-loaded bolt, and the curtains held in place by magnets. A fully automated Back-Stop system is also available.

Brian Seymour, managing director of SMI, gave the trade media a demonstration of the Bus-Stop system, and its sister product, Back-Stop. “We were delighted with the level of interest at our launch – let us hope this turns into some positive coverage, and some new orders,” he said.

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